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    Message from Mount Carmel Mums…..

    Reminding all mums about our BABY MASSAGE COURSE on Thursday 6th Sept OR Friday 14th September.

    To Book or to find out further details contact:
    01-4063464 or Email
    Cost: €100 (Full amount redeemed on VHI/Aviva/Quinn)

    Baby Massage:
    Aids sleep and relaxation
    Develops the bonding process
    Aids wind and colic
    Provides massage techniques to use at home

    It’s also a great way to meet other mums and babies!


    Great for dealing with colic in a baby or just for relaxing your baby when he/she is upset. We massage our baby alot – she loves it. Last night she was not feeling well (had her at doc today and she has a virus) so she was cranky and unsettled, I was rubbing her to sleep in the rocking chair in her room and was massaging her legs very gently. Every time I stopped rubbing, she grunted at me to start up again. Even when she was almost asleep and I would stop, she would jerk a little to let me know to keep going!

    In the middle of the night she was crying hard and I went in and rocked & rubbed her to settle her back. I always remember the things I learned at baby massage class about helping relieve wind and generally ways to rub a baby to relax and soothe them.

    its a lovely thing to do with your baby – they will thank you for it!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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