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    Have to give a recommendation for the Botox Effect cream from Biofresh skincare. We got it for my mum at Christmas and she absolutely loves it.

    It makes a lovely gift and is not expensive.

    What are you all upto Mother’s day?

    I am having the morning with my kiddies and in the afternoon I am going for lunch with my mum. Hoping for a nice relaxing day!!


    My first mothers day as a mum…yyyayyyy

    ill probably be surounded with dirty nappies, spewey bibs, a happy little boy and my hubby…cant wait…

    I think hes a bit young for breakfast in bed, unless its his boppies…lol

    😀 😀 😀


    I wouldnt mind that Botox cream myself, Ive aged so much in last few months, have you tried it yourself Sabbi? I must have a look at it.

    I got the mammies that book on Irish Mammies – lol. Plus the usual Chocolates etc.

    Im doing dinner on Sundya too, so better get a menu sorted.


    we’re gonna have a chill day at home – i might be lucky and get breakfast in bed – no doubt with the 2 monkey’s sitting a top of me 😆 😆
    i might call down to my own mother in the afternoon BUT she doesn’t know that she’s going to my sisters for lunch on say and myself and my other sister and going to call in as a surprise so we can give her our presents together 😉


    I don’t know what is planned for mothers day – it is a surprise. I usually go to my mam and my husbands mam. I reckon that I will need a rest this time.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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