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    I just seen in the paper that the mother of Shannon and Erin is going to sue the school as they failed to protect her daughter, it went into how the once straight A student got a 0% in her last exam and the school failed to pick up the problem.
    The mother had the second Daughter put in care as he stopped talking and started to self harm after her sisters death. She was found dead in a Foster care home last week. The mother is suing the HSE about this child, the fact that they missed the warning signs when she wasin their care!!

    Dont get me wrong, i might be shot down for this but here goes….. I do understand that this woman has gone through a horrible few weeks, to lose 1 child is a nightmare but for someone to lose 2 children is horrific! But as a mother did she not see the signs in both her children? Im sure she did, but who was to know they would take their own lives. How could she have put the second daughter into care? She lost her sister and best friend, then she was taken away from her mother and younger brother.
    Am i alone on this or do others find this very shocking


    this is very shocking. i dont like to speculate when you dont know the circumstances or how true what you read in the papers but it did strike me as odd when i read she died in foster care.? coming from a child healthcare backround i would have imagined naturally the mother who cant cope with her own grief and cant help a grieving daughter the first port of call for help would be from other family members\\/extended family….but as i said dont like to speculate there must be a bigger picture to this…its so so sad


    There were quotes from her legal team and a Member of the school did say they had gotten the letter and they couldnt comment as it was in the hands of the Schools Legal Department
    I did read a comment from the Grandad on Facebook, he said he was only talking to Shannon and they were making plans for her to go to Scotland to live with him.
    How would that poor 15 year old have felt, she lost her sister then crying out for help, self harming and then she is shipped off to the foster home, regardless of the reason why she ended up there, what shocks me more is that the mother is suing over the deaths!


    Five Steps of Grieve: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression & Acceptance.

    Its sounds like she is just so angry & looking for someone to blame.

    This is just something to distract her from facing what has really happened & they she may have to take some responsibility for it. Not saying it’s her fault at all, but as a mother who wouldn’t blame them selves for not seeing the warning signs.

    When she calms down a bit or moves on with her grieving process, she may think differently about it all.

    The poor women must be in some pain.


    I understand she is angry but her legal team arent, could they not have given better advice and told her to wait a while?

    She or anyone else are not to blame, if someone has their mind made up to take their life there is nothing anyone or anything can do about it.

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