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    What do ye think of the restaurant in Dublin, Belucci’s, that has ‘barred’ parents with babies at lunchtime?!

    The poor mum who was refused service the other day when she turned up with her baby to meet some friends was mortified.

    They said they had complaints from other customers about the babies :!: and that buggies are a health & safety issue :!: :roll:

    They don’t mind parents bringing their tots any other time of day but between 12-2 is off limits to little ones.

    Is it discrimination?? I wouldn’t be too impressed if I rolled in my with little one and was refused service. especially as its only at certain times, its a bit confusing no?


    Ok so some people have said you should be able to have a business lunch without babies interrupting you….but in response to that, I think restaurants can manage both babies and professional people! And also, who is to say two mums are not also having a business meeting??!! Lots of mums are creating businesses of their own nowadays and may be discussing work too!

    I used to work in Clontarf and would frequent Casa Pasta with work and also, often with my sisters when they were small and then with my own children since then too. The restaurant used to give the children colouring pencils and they were friendly to the children. Likewise, there would often be business meetings going on too and the two merged with no bother.

    I find it hard to imagine there have been loads of complaints about babies in this restaurant, I think they are getting loads of free publicity out of all this tbh!


    I agree with you Sabbi. It should be possible to accomodate both. A sleeping baby in a sling disturbs no one. Fair enough, if a baby is creating a rumpus, the mum should have some consideration for other customers, but surely a restaurant could deal with such a case the same way as with any other customers – a quiet word in the ear….

    I was turned away from a cafe / restaurant in Dundalk when I showed up at the start of lunchtime with my first baby in a buggy. It was a case of no babies, no buggies. Fair enough it was not a very large place, but I’d happily have fodled up the buggy & left it outside their back door (they had an enclosed yard etc) if I had been offered the chance. It took years before I set foot in it again – I was simply too embarrassed.


    That’s awful pookie and especially on your first baby, that kind of thing could reduce a mum to tears. It takes so long to get baby and yourself dressed and out the door that by the time you get to your destination you are usually exhausted and starving – soto be turned away is horrible.

    I think there is no harm in having some child free hotels or restaurants for when a couple wants some romantic or quiet time and I have gone to some myself without the kids but they need to advertise themselves at that. If a restaurant is child friendly most of the time they have no right to decide that at certain times that they will not allow children.

    its confusing and unfair on the parents and also, can be embarrassing. That poor mum must have felt like she was being treated like a leper. I would steer clear of that place now on principle.

    I wonder if someone was having a loud conversation on their mobile phone but was a well paying customer, would they say anything? Because to me, that is far more annoying than a baby being fussy!!


    I found that when my ds was a small baby. I went to Skerries for a walk with him one day. The weather turned nasty and I went for shelter and a cuppa. There were several restaurants with a no buggy policy – which is fair enough if they have no space and you are happy to leave your buggy outside. I tended to boycott them.

    Another time in Blanch, I went to Starbucks. DS was being weaned at the time and the queue was long. He decided to pick that moment to demand dinner. I got filthy looks from lots of diners. I still plonked myself down in the middle of them to feed my baby – who stopped crying immediately. I also noticed that I had paid full price, where the cheap skates taking up tables and giving the looks, had take away cups and were parked for the long term. I personally would not want a customer that bought a take away cuppa and then sat down to do his work for a few hours – I would be encouraging him/her on!!

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