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    hi girls just to let ya know the mossies are back, found one in the house today got it squashed…..

    try and keep windows closed early morning and at dusk……that should cut down them coming into your house and getting nasty bites….


    dont know what a mosquito looks like but something like that was in my house last night, the little shite kept coming at me and as i was trying to whack it away like a crazy person a f***ing mouse ran across my sitting room floor. 😥 😥 👿 i nearly shat myself. Little chubby thing it was aswell…..its getting well fed from the crumbs on my floor anyway. He must think he is in heaven cos of the dirt thats on my floors. 😆 😆

    so my house is a hotel for bugs and mice at the mo. 👿


    ugh ugh ugh i feel for ya jenny, i had mice about 2 1/2 years ago and ill never forget it!!!

    i moved bloody home hahahah!

    wouldnt have aclue what mosies look like either but i see the midgets are out in full force!!!


    Ah the little mouse…… they should really be in at this time of the year, you must have a house mouse not a field mouse that we get here….. all the fields around five oaks and grange rath were ploughed last week so the mice tend to be on the move when the farmers are working in the fields, just make sure you keep your doors closed when going to the clothes line or car etc….


    Ah the little mouse…….

    hahaha the little mouse my arse. a few months ago we had familys of mice living with us, i think they thought it was a holiday resort and invited all their friends. we had brown ones and white ones…or maybe some just had tans or something, there were big ones and baby ones….im gonna puke just thinkin of it..we sleep in the attic and could hear them running across the wooden floor at night. i would say to dh, im burstin for a wee ut will wet the bed if i have to cos im not puttin my foot to that floor. i would be in tears an all.


    oh jenny i feel for you we had them when we first moved in 👿 oh and if there is one there is more 😈 sorry 😈


    We had them too, but set LOADS of mouse traps and they didnt last long


    we have used every kind of trap there is…these are clever mices 😆 they always seem to get the food out without snapping the trap. 👿 👿 i became so paranoid,,,,,could imagine them bungee jumping off the kitchen counters, grabbing the food and springing back up. 😆 😆


    We set traps for ages and the feckers wouldnt eat the food in the traps, we then did find they had eaten into the end of the potato sack in the utility room and they were munching away goodo.

    We started to melt chocolate onto the traps so they hadto almost lick it off, then pow….. the lights go out 😆 😉 😉 😉


    Hi Girls 🙂

    Scole1, we have loads of Mossie in Singapore too. i used to get bitten sometimes it swells like 2 euros coin size…rub axe oil,tiger balm ,thats how i combat my mozzie bites.. 😳

    if the government agency found mosquitoes breeding in our homes… 😯
    we can end up getting a fine like 100 sing dollars for lst time offender too.

    In some cases people actually died from dengue fever when they are bitten by Aedes mosquitoes its really fatal …… ❗ ❗ ❗

    Mosquitoes thrives on stagnant water thats including those empty cans drinks
    anything the rain water can collect on = Breeding ground for Mossies.

    Heres anothe reason why its Bad to be littering around our beautiful estates. 💡

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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