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    was talking to a friend today, and had a discussion about this. She told me that her mortgage relief is gone, although he is only living in her house 2 and half years she had a previous mortgage before that. i was so stunned over this as although my husband and i have our house the same amount of time, he had a previous mortgage before meeting me. Can this be true :? :cry: :cry:


    it is true,its from the first mortgage.we switched our mortgage 2 years ago but its includes that mortgage too so its also gone for us.did your partner have a mortgate on his own.dont know how it will affect you but its definately over 7 years of having a mortgage.


    really crap i thought it was for every time you take a ortage out, it was that wasn’t it you got 10years, so now they’ve become clever and you get it the once that’s it???

    oh know someone who won’t be happy about that… they remortage and move in order to get it….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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