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    still looking for a parent/toddler playgroup in mornington for my 2 yr old, anyone know of any? or are there any other mums that want to get together for a walk and a cup of coffee once in a while? i feel so detatched from life, with no car and not knowing anyone and no shops or town within walking distance =(


    Hi there,There is a parent and toddler group in Donnacarney on a Wed and Thur morning from 10-11.30.Its the old red brick school .I go most Wednesdays with my 2 yr old dd.My dd loves it.Im going in the morning..Let me know if you need any more info on it and maybe you might go in the morning. 😀


    oh, that’s great biddy, we will try and make it down this morning. thanks for responding, hope to meet you there.


    hi there!

    just read your post, how long have you been in mornigton?
    i’m from mornington 2, if you don’t know any one it’s tough alright.. my girls are older now so it great. i just wanted to say if you wanted to meet for a walk or coffee let me know.. if the weather stays like this there would be no stopping us!! pm me if you like…
    take care.


    we just moved here last month…we tried the donacarney playgroup on wednesday, lucky enough DH was off work so he could drive us down, as I don’t drive and its a bit out of the way to walk to. don’t think we will be going back, DD didn’t seem too impressed, and I wasn’t too impressed that there was nowhere really to change her nappy except a dusty dirty changing table. just don’t think i’m cut out for those kinds of groups, i always leave feeling disappointed LOL. would just as soon walk down to the beach and chance it meeting some new people that way, really. i’m always up for a good walk or a cup of coffee, we are in Mornington Towers, is that near to where you are?



    I have probably passed you,i live in mornington towers too…but my DS is now 3 & in playschool….we used to go to the Donacarny playgroup every week…maybe try it one more time?…but to tell you truth i am done with toddlers groups myself now…yes they can be very hard work to go to…i used to walk their when weather was good as have no car either….

    You will knwo me as i am usually pushing a red buggy to the beach with at least 2 hairy dogs attached as well…


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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