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    my morning sickness is getting worse thru the day, not the other way around. i feel horrible in the evenings and am very tired and by teatime i just want to lie down and sleep.

    finding it tough, last night was awake for hours after went to bed with the feeling was going to throw up. does or did anyone else get it worse in the night time than in the morning. why is it called morning sickness, i start the day off ok but get worse as it goes on.this is hard going.


    i had all day sickness on my ds1, i felt horrible all day, my ds2 i too would feel sick at different times throughout the day..

    i’m not sure why this happens, think it’s coz of hormones…

    one thing people say to take ginger nut busicuits, but uh they made me worse….
    try and lie down, even have some boiled sweets near by, or something sugary, or some music to relax to try and change ya from thinking of being sick

    there are lolipops you can get that are for morning sickness… … kness.html… _4265.aspx


    Yip, another one here…. I used to have sickness 24/7…. I found the seabands used to help me…. also, the biggest trick for me… and it worked for both was never to let my tummy be empty (granted, you don’t want to eat when you feel lousy)…. but, even a plain biscuit would help…. just make sure you have something little, often…. and it should help….


    Morning sickness is the wrong name for it.
    It can and did for me happen all the time.
    Best advice, never have empty stomac.
    For me even 1 bite into a slice of bread was enough (sometimes).
    And if (often as well) got sick on top of feeling sick, at least I had something to give (sorry).

    It can last for a while or stop, just drink enough fluids if you actually get sick to stay hydratated.

    Best of luck. Small hickups, at the end it worth it.



    I can totally empathise with you. I was also one of the unfortunate ones to have so called ‘morning’ sickness. It was all day, everyday. It also lasted for 9mths on my 5th pregnancy, I had it right up to the day before the baby was born. The medical term used for what I had was Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

    Sometimes I felt was I imagining it to be so bad, but when I got a medical diagnosis and knew that some women got this I felt better. Least I wasn’t going mad. I know the sickness left me in tears at times…I was worn out literally being so sick. I did end up hospitalised 3 times with it as I got severely dehydrated when I couldn’t keep sips of water down. However, hours after I got fluids intraveneously I felt great again and could eat food again. At one point, I did get tablets from my doctor for one week only as they are not recommended long term in pregnancy, they work by blocking receptors in an area of the brain that controls nausea and vomiting. I just needed a break it had got that bad.

    Good news is it didn’t affect my baby at all…had a very good weight baby. Suppose I lost a lot of weight and was only 2lb heavier at 9mths pregnant than when I started the pregnancy, but again, goes to show the baby takes what it needs first.

    As for how to stop the sickness. I tried everything. But I also found eating very little, very often, even if it came up again later was better. The feel of an empty tummy was awful. I also sipped some Slimfast drinks to try and get something into me(I know, Slimfast & pregnant 😆 ) that has some nutrition in it. Try so hard to sip plain still water…and know this is really hard. Most important thing is not to get dehydrated. All you can do is go with it and if you are really tired you have to take time out to rest..again, easier said than done (I had 3 children at home). I also was late into work and had to take time off as I was so sick during the day.

    Hopefully the sickness will pass for you but if it doesn’t mention it to your GP etc. They will help you and advice you on what to do. I think what drove me more nuts than anything was when other women belittled the sickness saying how they ‘sailed’ through their pregnancies. Lucky them, but when you are really sick in pregnancy it is so tough as you are looking forward to your baby but yet when you are so physically and emotionally drained when you feel really awful.


    its a nightmare am knackered from feeling sick all d time. hope this stops at 12 weeks.


    I know where you’re at…. 🙁 its so disheartening….reading your post reminds me of how it was. Wouldn’t change it for the world as it brought me my little boy 🙂 but at the time it was a living hell. Hopefully you will feel better soon, but just go with what your body is telling you and rest as much as you can. Way I look at it, if you are not well any other time you have to rest and take time out….pregnancy is no different when you are so sick.


    Found accupunture was great. Went to Mark Bell in the Fitzwilliam centre

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