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    Hi girls I need some advice and fast……….

    Ok I’ll give you the low down, have ds in pre Montessori in creche in Bettystown and its a brilliant place cant fault it other then the fact I have to drive to it, Im looking for somewhere local for him to go to but cant make up my mind if I should send him to regular playschool or Montessori

    Im thinking of Montessori in Peter Pan in Bryanstown or Playschool in Little Treasures, has anyone used either of these playschools, would you recommend them etc?
    What are the pros and cons of Montessori?
    Im pulled in two directions loads of mothers think playschool is enough as they have years behind a desk in school and others think its a great stepping stone for big school!
    He is a clever lad and is writing a tiny bit and some numbers, he loves learning and gets upset as he cant read yet, he’s a real book worm and has about 300 plus books…. my mother thinks his brain will get Lazy if he doesnt do Montessori
    Any advice in general or about the above creche/playschool?
    Oh have to give deposit next week so if you have advice make it quick lol


    Hi Taylor5

    Both of mine went to Montessori I found it brilliant. They work at the child’s own speed and its all fun not hard work behind a desk.

    All they reallyneed to be able to do when they start big school is to go to the toilet, manage their lunch and sit on a chair, they don’t need to know how to write or read.

    I have no experiance of play school so don’t know either way. My nephew and a few friends kids go to Peter Pan, I’ve only ever heard very good things about it. I don’t know the other school.

    When I was making the decision for my kids (now in 2nd & 3rd class) a friend who has 4 children who all went to different pre-school told me that she relaised that one of her children age about 6 coundn’t pour juice, she relaised that this was the only child that didn’t go to Montosori, they do a-lot of games to improve fine motor movements and spacial awareness, this to me is much more important than reading.

    Sorry for long post.


    Hi Taylor,

    I would have to say Montessori too, the stuff my DS comes home with has really blown me away and I second what Boo says about things like pouring and measuring etc – its learning but in a fun way for them. They learn so much that its hard to explain – why don’t you pop into the schools of your choice and get them to show you the materials and class structure they work by, most places will be only too happy to explain.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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