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    Hi girls I need some advice and fast……….

    Ok I’ll give you the low down, have ds in pre Montessori in creche in Bettystown and its a brilliant place cant fault it other then the fact I have to drive to it, Im looking for somewhere local for him to go to but cant make up my mind if I should send him to regular playschool or Montessori

    Im thinking of Montessori in Peter Pan in Bryanstown or Playschool in Little Treasures, has anyone used either of these playschools, would you recommend them etc?
    What are the pros and cons of Montessori?
    Im pulled in two directions loads of mothers think playschool is enough as they have years behind a desk in school and others think its a great stepping stone for big school!
    He is a clever lad and is writing a tiny bit and some numbers, he loves learning and gets upset as he cant read yet, he’s a real book worm and has about 300 plus books…. my mother thinks his brain will get Lazy if he doesnt do Montessori
    Any advice in general or about the above creche/playschool?
    Oh have to give deposit next week so if you have advice make it quick lol

    Posted in Education too but Im posting it here as so of you gals might not look in Educaton, thanks


    Taylor Peter Pan is brilliant. I would recommend them.
    B went there since he was 2 until he started school and the other fella is there now, so I know them a long time.
    They have also been in the 2 creches the one in william street and Bryanstown. The owner Adrienne is lovely.


    I have to second what Trixiebell said about Peter Pan. My little girl is in Bryanstown and it has been so good for her. The staff are brilliant and take a real interest in the children. I had sent her mainly for the social aspect as she had been with a childminder, she has learnt so much and socially is like a different child. I am really happy with them and intend put my little boy in creche there when he is a year old. Can’t really comment on the pros and cons of montessori over playschool as I haven’t experienced both but I am very impressed with Peter Pan.


    Thanks girls, your imput is brilliant… Im at such a loose end I have 2 choices and dont know which one to pick!!!!
    Everyonehas an opion and its often very different, I want to make the choice that will suit ds1 best.
    We went down to visit Adrienne last week and I really really liked her, ds had a good snoop about and he even went into the classroom and asked where his seat was, he sat down and joined in the classes as if he was there forever (not like him at all) he was relaxed and good in the half hour we were there I was delighted.
    Is it true if they have an intrest in learning and you dont nurture it they get lazy and fed up?

    Dh think peterpan as its only 3 hours and he can play here for the rest of the day, he feels little treasures (although a great place) doesnt offer anything more then we are doing at home…… Oh Im confused, not that it take too much to do that lol


    I think as the age they are its just important that they have fun, remember they will be in school for the next 15 years.
    Montessor isnt about learning to read and write because thats what they will learn in school. Its more about understanding, cause & effect if you know what i mean. Got with your gut instinct thats how i chose the 2 creches the boys were in.


    Lai did they do normal playschool or Montessori?


    My ds is in Peter Pan and really enjoys, too young for montessori yet but will be doing it when he is old enough, as was said before it is more about learning through play then anything, so is different to real school where you learn to read & write.

    Peter pan is also within walking distance, so handy.

    Sabrinab 08

    Hi Taylor.. havin worked in both I personally woul dhave gone along the playschool line, As i agree with what Lai said their in scholl long enough and starting them at a desk too early i feel is a bit much.But I have been inot Tus Maith in collon..The fab Montessori school i have ever seen..My daughter is startin there this yr and she cant wait. The owners aproach to Montessori method is very diff to what I experienced in traingin( which i thought was too strict) Hers is so imaginative, playful, fun..She is really using the Montessorri method to a perfection in my book.. Rather than tying kids to a routine, she changes hers regularly.. All the kids seemed to love it, my little one was there half an hour and didint want to leave.. Montessorri is about given each child the chance to teach themselves and Tus Maith really does that, encourage, and realises that each child has that abiltiy and how to use it!!
    I supose im waffling a bit here but really I would go in and have a look and check out both place b4 you decide..
    All depends on the teachers policies i suppose..
    Also I think the structure of Montessorri can be a bit much for a younger child but again it all depends on the school and their approach..If your son is not starting school for another 2 yrs then Id go palyschool then Montesorri the yr after.. 😀


    Taylor the guys did both, playschool & montessori. They did 2 years in montessori, but there is a junior & senior montessori. Adrienne should recommend which he goes into. The guys were there full time, so for the full timers they know that they will be in montessori for 2 years.
    As long as he is happy there and having fun thats all thats important, as you said he walked in and sat at the table. I suppose another advantage is depending on where he goes to school, we will probably be going with some of the children from the montessori, which is great


    hi taylor .have experienced both and have to say hard to know. he equally gt on great in both and it very much depends on the place.ds attended an excellent playschool and learned alot then went to a crap montessori ,where he was bored silly. we changed him to a decent montessori which he loved and learned lots but i am aware everything he did in mont he will be doing agai from scratch in schol and wonder if he will be too advanced and bored!! for me it was more about the emotional and social devlopment and im lucky to be home with him and we do alot of writing etc home anyway. they learn so much from play anyway.good luck with ur decision.


    Hi Taylor..ny dd is in Peter Pan..creche part as too young 4 playschool r montessori yet…but I wud really recommend Peter Pan…my dd loves it…and again wud have to agree owner..Adrienne is lovely, really trustworthy!


    Have heard nothing but good things about PP, but my weeman is now in Little Treasures (at last!!) and is so happy. He actually skipped in today (thought I was going to cry with happiness). I too have been involved in the running of both playschools and montessori and I personally would choose playschool. I feel that Little Treasures is relaxed and loving with a real emphasis on the child as an individual, and that suits my weeman. He will be there next year and start school in 2010…I am not in a hurry for him to learn to write, read and stuff as he will be doing that in school and I believe that children who go to school already knowing these things can actually be at a disadvantage as they get bored rather than challenged by new experiences..I agree that alot depend on the service too. My weeman went to a crap Montessori and was miserable. It was called montessori to get more money from parents but did not provide a real montessori curriculum!! Good luck!! Go with your gut!!!


    Hi there, sounds like you’ve made your mind up already! But to anyone else I would recommend a place that does playschool then promotes to Montessori – this way someone professional can make the decision if and when your child is ready for the Montessori environment plus if the child is settled in playschool then its not such a big adjustment to Montessori. This is what I’ve chosen to do with mine.

    What most people don’t realise is that most playschools are just a like playgroup whereas a Montessori is like school and should be a structured environment for the children to get the most from the method which is very scientific and proven to give children the edge when they start mainstream school.



    Definetely Definetely recommend Montessori the best start you can give a child I think that children should be in montessori till 6yrs old and then start primary level. I know Ann in Little treasures from teaching sng there. She is a lady. All the children are very well mannered and very happy in their environment. Its a home from home atmosphere Best of luck with it hun. 🙂


    Hi taylor,

    i am moving M to a montessori next year even though i am more than happy where he is in Little Stars in mornington…they are brill…but I feel one year in a playschool is enough and we have a lovely new montessori just round corner as well so am going to send him there next year..its not so much about getting ahead for school its more about a new experience for him next year…if i stay in ireland i am hoping to train as a montessori teacher as i find it all so interesting but i agree each teacher needs to make it their own way of teaching for todays children but using Montessori guidelines.

    good luck trust your instincts i am sure you wil make right choice.


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