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    Are you in Mortgage arrears? Are you behind on credit card payments or property tax bills? Are you concerned your bank may be selling on your mortgage to a vulture fund? Are you having problems managing your mortgage and everyday bills?

    With so much pressure on parents, with hefty back to school fees, Christmas, birthdays, sports fees and all the other costs that come with having children it can be hard to manage the cost of running a family home and keeping on top of the bills.

    With cuts to salaries and the high cost of mortgages its common for families to fall behind and go into arrears. This causes a lot of stress and worry and can lead to sleepless nights, tension and even sickness, due to the anxiety it can cause.

    We have been working with The Financial Foundation to help any families who are struggling with their mortgages, credit cards, loans, build-up of property tax and other bills they are behind on.

    Roslynn at the Financial Foundation is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and instantly puts worried parents at ease.

    Roslynn’s goal is to keep families in their homes, by restructuring their mortgage and other debts to give them a manageable amount to pay each month and to give them back their lives. So if they want to go to the cinema or out for a family dinner, they can actually do it and not be constantly worried about their debts. Roslynn’s helps families restructure their debts to remove the stress and because she is an expert, she works with the banks, VAT, credit card companies etc directly on their behalf.

    We have recommended Roslynn to many families in Drogheda and she has helped them so much. They tell us they no longer have sleepless nights because of what she did for them with their finances.

    We can recommend Roslynn personally because we know exactly what she does and how professional she is. If you are stressed about your mortgage, bills or are worried about outstanding debts and are being hassled about them, please contact Roslynn for advice.

    Contact The Financial Foundation here:

    Roslynn Doherty


    M: 087 7392864

    P: 041 9835710



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    This is one example of a family – that we introduced to Roslynn – and how she helped them.

    Our clients came to us with a mortgage of €285k and arrears of €49k. Repayment due, including arrears was €1538 per month and €1260 pre-capitalisation. Following the restructure of their account their new monthly repayment will be €560 per month for a period of 12 months with a view to a long-term restructure at this amount (unless customers’ circumstances change). Restructuring long-term at this amount will include a 40/60 Split of the Mortgage whereby the customer pays on €114k and the warehousing of €171k of the mortgage.

    This restructure means, no nasty calls or letters from the bank. It means security in their home and peace of mind. It means having a life again, not worrying all the time. It means less stress and a happier, tension free home.

    We recommend Roslynn so highly, she really cares about her clients. She works so hard for them.


    Can you link to this on might be v helpful to someone ..I can share to reach more x


    Good advice here for anyone struggling with mortgage arrears

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