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    hi all,

    just thought would start this topic, and see if there are nay other mom’s out there doing courses of any sort or thinking of starting….

    i’m serioucly considering studying montessori teaching, i wanted to do it laast year, my gran died i got pregnant so wasn’t the year for me, so know feel this year would be the best year before ds1 starts school next sep…..

    so opening the floor to others out there….


    Yes, I started studying last October at night. I’m studying Fetac Level 5 in Childcare, usually 2 nights a week depending on the modules. I’d recommend studying to anyone, its a great way of getting out of the house, meeting people, and learning something interesting at the same time.

    I always say to people, don’t write off adult education if you had a bad school experience when you were younger. Adult education is so different. For starters, we’re choosing to study and this is different to school where we had to go in whether we liked it or not. I have found all my tutors so far to be extremely helpful.

    To anyone who is thinking of starting to study for the first time I’d say go for it… will be pleasantly suprised at how enjoyable it can be.


    oh mummy5 great to hear such a positive response about studying and being a mom studying…..

    how do you find the work load of childcare???


    I have been studying at home and doing exams since 2005!!!!Done my mortgage diploma which consisted of 2 exams and now studying to get my full QFA (Qualified Financial Adviser) and only have one exam left to do thank god.

    I dont have to go to college i do it in my own time (which is prob worse as there is no one there to make you do it) but it can be done. You will find the time, esp if its something your very passionate about or are really interested in.

    but i do think its the best thing ive ever done, really gets the cobwebs out lol. Always said when i finshed school id never have to do another exam and here i am after doing 5 exams on my own bloody time lol must be mad.


    I deliver courses for Portobello Institute – Level 5 / 6 and other modules in Special Needs & Intellectual Disability

    I love this as it is away of getting out and meeting others

    I also have to research modules and do up class plans on a weekly basic/

    When my dd was 8 months i started my degree in Education & Training – it was just 2 days a month. It was greatest achievemnt in Education to get my Hons degree.

    Studying keeps the mind focused….
    Join the Adult learners

    Lifelong Learners…… its the way to go


    Keep up the good work girls I have studied by distance learning and taken evening classes since having kids and it’s great I found i worked harder than i ever did in college because i had no distractions. dh has also studied for four years 2 evenings a week to get his degree so i recommend it and well done to anyone who does it.


    Hi Scole, I’ve almost finished Montessori Teacher Training – I’ve two kids, my baby was nearly 6 months, toddler was just two when I started. It’s been a difficult few months. My husband works til late so I’ve been relying on my childminder who takes the two of them for an afternoon or morning here and there.

    Also the exams are modular so one every 6 weeks or so I felt the pressure – but It’s worthwhile (well, will be if I pass the finals!!).

    There is a lot in it, its very scientific. Some of the girls I’m studying with have already done FETAC Level 5 and said this was far easier!!!

    If I knew then what I know now, I would have left it for 6 months to a year as I struggled with the first few months until the baby stopped night feeding plus he was poorly and had had an operation so It was a bit chaotic for a while. I think part-time study of any nature will depend on how much support you can get from family and how young your children are.


    Oh the years i have spent on night courses. I did my degree with nite and my accounting finals by night, i say by night it wsa every weekend aswell for 12 weeks. But that was before the kids. I remember saying never again.
    But last year i started a refresher Company Secretarial Course, it was in Dublin and only 1 night per week for 1 1/2 hours. I really enjoyed it, although going through the exam process again after a few years was nerve wrecking. I finished this in May and was going to co back to get a professional qualification out of it. Its only 4 subjects but it would be a couple of nights a week and heavy going exams. I havent mentioned it yet in work, its semesterly so i could start in the new year.
    I would recommend to anyone to go back to school/college. My sister is 39, she left school at 16 after the Group Cert, she was always told she was stupid and wouldnt amount to anything. She has 2 children, has seperated from an absusive husband. I am delighted to say that she has just successfully completed and passed a Degree in Applied Social Care and we are all really proud of her. It has been life changing for her and given her so much more confidence in herself.


    well i did study before kids and was great to keep the mind going…..well i’ve sent off application for the course and since i sent it off a few things have cropped up which i know will be testing times….but i’m looking to the future and not going to waste the money spent and going to try hard at at….ahhhh….
    Kate great to hear from a mom who’s doing the course with a young child, i know it will be tough and i hope i can be as strong as you are doing it and pessivere..(sp)

    luckliy i have family close by taht can chip in to help, and as sistuations change after christmas for family i will have more support hopefully unless they tell me to go jump…lol….
    interesting about every 6 weeks exams so i will have to keep knuckled down, my ds teacher gave me a loan of one of the books so gonna start getting stuck in now before classes start so can get motivated…
    thanks girls and great to hear so many mom’s in the same boat and some who haev done it…

    would be great to keep topic going for anyone who wanst to vent or see if anyone else here doing same courses so can compare etc etc…


    Hi Im in my second year of beauty therapy studying the holistic side this year. Fully qualified Beauty Specialist receiving my diploma in October so im well chuffed with that.
    Most people think its all about painting nails and and slapping on tan but its a lot more than that. You pretty much feel like a medical practitioner by the end of it because your required to know anatomy and physiology and recognize and explain all disease and disorders of the skin, nails and body that would or could contraindicate a treatment. Thats before you get into skin analysis, treatments, Professional conduct and business awareness so you do need to be somewhat book smart to get through it.
    I did find it hard so what i used to do to was write things down over and over. I also used to go round the house explaining stuff to myself i find if you understand something and can explain it to someone in detail even if its just you talking to yourself then you’ve cracked it.
    Also past papers or old tests are great i would go over them over and over highlighting the correct answers.
    There’s no doubt about it studying when you have children is really hard more often than not you don’t really get to study till they have gone to bed and your wrecked. I find things don’t go in if your tired or studying for a long period of time so used to study 10 mins here and there like at lunch and stuff rather than doing it all before i went to bed.


    Hi Scole, very best of luck to you! If you’ve your children all set then you’re half way there!! It will make for a very enjoyable experience and given the nature of the course, an opportunity to meet like-minded people who are interested and engaging with children. I’ve learn lots outside of the syllabus just from the interaction with the rest of the class and their stories and experiences. All the best, Kate.


    i did 90% of my studying and courses after dd was born and it was the best thing 😉 it gave me a break and also the adult company 🙂
    I throughly enjoyed it . and wish anyone well in studying..


    Go for it. I finished my degree when my daughter turned 1. Then I went and did my H.dip in ed. when she was 5. The only thing I will say is that you will be v. tired and you will feel extremly guilty because you may feel that you are not giving your child 100% attention. Remember that guilt is natural and you are doing it for their sack. Good luck. And do not say no to help. 🙂

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