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    Our daughter had her MMR 11 days ago, she was grand afterwards but they did say to keep an eye on her around 7-10 days after as she might have a reaction.

    for the past 3 days she has been so out of sorts, she is really clingy and cries whenever I put her down. she is eating ok but not sleeping well at all and though her temp has been up and down, it has not been very high at any stage.

    just wondering if anyone else had any problems after MMR? she has a bit of a cold too so that might be upsetting her but the way she has been waking 6-7 times during the night and is clinging to me so much, has me thinking its something else too

    any advice welcome, thanks.


    Took her to doc on call, she has a virus, should pass in a few days. did not need an anti-biotic thank goodness.

    now, if only we can all get some sleep!


    Its very hard, when they are sick.. Hopefully u will get some sleep tonight..


    Ah bless her, its terrible when they are sick. I found taking them into the spare bed was the best option. At least dh got sleep for work and I would be comfy in the bed with baby beside me, Baby would be more restful and i could comfort, sing, read to etc without upsetting the others.
    If you dont have a spare bed kick dh out onto the sofa, he will sleep better and you and baby have the comfort of the bed together.


    She slept a bit better last night but still was crying from 3am so we took her into our bed. We used to have a spare room and spare bed and I used to take the babies in there when they were sick but not anymore – now we have 4 little ones, all the beds & bedrooms are taken!!

    Next year, she will be in a bed and I’ll be able to hop in beside her. Not much chance of me climbing in to a cot!! 😀

    Will take her back for a nap soon, we could both do with it.


    I never agreed with kids in the bed, but when they are sick i broke that rule

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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