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    I have been told that because there is a history of DVT in other family members and because I had a second degree tear with my first little fella that I will be having my baby in the CLU this time. Is this a different section of the hospital from the MLU? and will there be any midwives present at the birth or just the consultant?


    i had my first ds in the mlu was great but had bad 3rd degree tear and ruptured bowel, so have to have section so will be seen in consultant unit….yes it’s in a different section and i’m not sure whether a midwife will be present i assume so….but no matter what no matter what section you have baby you’ll be in capable hands…..


    Hi Ladies,

    my aunt just had a section in the CLU and yes there was a midwife present, however it was the doctors who delivered the baby and the midwife was there with my aunt, making sure she was ok and keeping her in the loop as what was happening as she has Crohns diease and there was a possiblity of her bowel rupturing.
    she said it made her feel so at ease!! 😀

    Littleleaf, are you having a section? if not, you will still have your midwife delivering ur baby but the doctor will be on hand to stitch you up IF u tear again, this is the way mine went… was great with the midwifes, they are brilliant! however mine swapped shifts half way tru me pushing! was a bit strange but both girls were lovely! 😀

    BEST OF LUCK!! 😀


    Thanks for the replies girls. No I am not having a section. Im dreading another tear as the last one got infected and I was unable to walk for 3weeks but just have to hope for the best I suppose.

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