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    Time for a bit of light relief by imagining what would happen if our children were in charge of things….

    Miwadi have come up with a competition and are asking parents to sit down with their children and enter the ‘Miwadifesto’ competition (see the logo to your left) and submit ideas about what your child would do if she/he was in charge of running the country!!

    Some examples include:
    Putting bouncy castles in school yards!
    Giving everyone in the country a free trampoline!
    Bring Dinosaurs back from extinction….and replace school buses with pink carriages, drawn by unicorns!

    So why not sit down with you child and ask them what they would do if they were in charge? Apart from the fun answers you are bound to get, when you submit them them on the Miwadifesto website, you’ll be in with a chance win great prizes like panto tickets, cinema passes, zoo passes etc.

    Get thinking and let us know your ideas too…..its only a bit of fun and you just might win a nice prize!!


    Many thanks for all your PM’s on this fun topic.
    Feel free to enter below how your kids would rule the country.

    As you know with Mumstown, there might be some free prizes when you see us again…only those who enter will be eligible for the goodies.


    Our daughter wants to go to school by helicoptor.

    Our son wants someone else to brush his teeth for him (lazy git!!)

    They also think everyone should be able to go on holiday to Spain – as, according to them, its been way too long since we went on a holiday to Spain 😳 😳

    It’s fun to go onto the website and enter and some good prizes up for grabs – this is one way to pass a few minutes with the kids who are off school today!


    If our kids were in charge perhaps the roads would be gritted by now 😈 we have been living on a virtual ice rink since Tuesday. Its a nightmare!

    How incompetent can our government and local councils be…..took us an hour to get to the shop yesterday but its only 5 mins away. Need a few bits but really do not want to go out in that weather today…..grrr

    this is a good competition, reckon our kids would do a better job of running the country!


    thanks Mumstown…….my son won a family season pass to Dublin Zoo and Fotawildlife. 😀 He was so chuffed with himself. Lots of fun days out in the next year.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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