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    My name is Lucy & Im a fawn/tan whippet girl.. I am neutered and microchipped. I was stolen a little girl on 1/8 & I really want to be back with my owners. Please help me find my way home.. This little girl bought me in DSPCA..posted back in august

    latest update:Our gorgeous Lucy was stolen 10 wks ago today. We have done everything possible to make her known to everyone. We’ve now hit a wall so please don’t forget her. She maybe gone 10 wks but dogs have been found 3 yrs on. We’d like to thank everyone for all you’ve done for us. X

    she was stolen in Swords but could be anywhere in Ireland, hence use of facebook & Mumstown,now Mumstown has gone National :)

    there is a facebook campaign by this poor dogs owners going on to try to bring her home…they know she was stolen as person who stole rang to say they had her!!!if you have access to facebook can you please join her site & if you can print a poster off that would be great & put up in your local area…

    What would be fab would be to get this facebook campaign noticed by the nationals papers or even tv broadcasters & it would also hilight the plight of the many stolen dogs in Ireland….

    so please if you can join her site & forward the link onto yr FB friends…

    many thanks

    Moonflower xxx


    its heartbreaking….. hope she is found soon

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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