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    The miscarriage Association of Ireland is hosting their Annual Service of Remembrance on Sunday 14 November 2010, at 3pm.

    It takes place at St Theresa’s Church, Donore Avenue, Dublin 8

    Their Service of Remembrance is a very special occasion and a chance to share an experience with others who have suffered the loss of a child. It is a time to remember and if possible come to terms with our own personal loss.It is also a time to recognise that for a time, however short; we had the privilege of sharing a relationship with our child. This little life had a meaning and it is necessary for us to give attention to this existence. We may not always understand the “why” but for those of us who have been able to move on, our lives have been enriched by this painful but hugely significant time of our life.

    The wonderful volunteers who work at the Miscarriage Association of Ireland, extend a very warm welcome to all who wish to attend and kindly suggest you make a note of this date in your diary.

    Refreshments will be available afterwards in the church to give people the opportunity to have a chat with others attending the service.

    The MAI Book of Remembrance will also be available on the day if you wish to make an entry.

    For more details & directions: http://www.miscarriage.ie/service.html


    Definitely put into my diary. Looking forward to the experience.
    Might see some of you there 🙂


    I have been to this service a few times and it is very comforting to be in a room with people who truly understand how you feel.

    As miscarriage is often a taboo subject and is awkward for some people to talk about (it is really very difficult to understand unless, sadly, you have been through it) this is a unique get together where we all go with the same purpose; to remember, recognize and mourn our lost babies.

    No one tells you to ‘get over it’ or makes silly remarks like ‘maybe it was for the best’ or my personal worst one to hear ‘ah sure you can always have more babies’:evil:

    Sadly, it is not that easy and not everyone can get pregnant again straight away and move on, it is often more difficult than that and even if the couple does go on to have a child or children, they will always remember and mourn for the one or in some cases more than one, that they lost.

    Even though these little babies may have only been with us a short time, they changed us completely and it is so nice to spend some time remembering them.

    I will be there too. (Waterproof mascara on, just incase I need it.)


    Just have to say a big thank you to everyone who works with the Miscarriage Association of Ireland and to all the lovely people who helped them put together yesterday’s service of remembrance in Dublin.

    It was a very moving and poignant tribute to all those little lives who were lost far too early, to miscarriage. Being in a room with people who have all experienced a loss, or are there to support someone who has lost a baby (or sadly, in many cases, babies) is a special feeling because we were all grieving together and supporting each other.

    Met some lovely people and chatted with some old friends too.

    Foxychick; it was so nice to meet you & your partner and it was lovely that your family were there to support you, they seem really great which is just what you need right now. Sorry again for making them cry…I don’t usually make it a habit to bring people to tears within 5 mins of meeting them, it was just so emotional there yesterday.

    A very sad but also, helpful service. Very glad we went; we will hang our Newbridge tree decoration with a mixture of feelings when we put our tree up next month but will be glad to have it on the tree to commemorate our 2 little lost babies.

    For anyone who needs support please go to http://www.miscarriage.ie it is a really helpful website.

    Also; the MAI are looking for volunteers so if you would like to help them out; please get in touch through their website, they are always delighted to get any help they can.


    It was a really special and moving service. I really enjoyed it, even though I cried my eyes out!! But it was good to have a good cry and let it all out. The music especially was fantastic.

    It was a great way or remembering our little angels who left us too soon. I am looking forward to putting the angels on our tree next month.

    Sabbi: it was great to meet you and your husband too. My sister and Mum really enjoyed it, said they wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Don’t worry about making them cry, they found the service very moving! They are certainly a great help and support to me and my husband.

    Hope you are keeping well and looking after yourself x


    Glad it went well girls…. are the little angels newbridge one? Do they sell them in the shops or are they special ones.
    Would love to pick some up


    Taylor – Yes, they are newbridge, they are lovely little angels with some clear stones in them, for a bit of sparkle, really special decorations for the tree.I think you can get them through the miscarriage.ie site – not 100% sure, you can email them to ask, the girls are very helpful in there.

    Foxychick – mind yourself, take it easy and indulge over Christmas. Forget the no present rule and let your family spoil you rotten this year – you deserve some pampering. Hopefully someday soon you will have good news. xx

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