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    The Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services, Ireland (AIMS Ireland) has today called for a full review of scanning procedures and a National Guideline for tighter regulation of scan practices in Ireland following detail from the miscarriage scan inquiry group released today.

    AIMS Ireland’s Krysia Lynch, Chair of AIMS Ireland calls the inquiry “just the tip of the iceberg” and adds, “AIMS Ireland is eagerly awaiting the full report of the inquiry group, however, the full extent of concerns relating to scanning practices in Ireland is nowhere near to being exposed.”

    AIMS Ireland relayed concerns to the HSE and HIQA last June following reports from women contacting AIMSI during the miscarriage misdiagnosis scandal. AIMS States, “It became evident very quickly that we were not only talking about scan misdiagnosis in miscarriage. We began hearing stories of all aspects of ante-natal scan screening.” Lynch explains further, “AIMS Ireland has just finished our audit report of Women’s support and information services for our Membership Letter. It contains a concerning increase in complaints from women on ante-natal scanning misdiagnosis for issues such as gestation prediction, baby size, and placenta complications.”

    AIMS Ireland complaints include “an un-necessary caesarean section,” and “failure to re-asses” as well as “scans with largely varying results”. Women’s complaints to AIMSI also include unnecessary intervention such as early induction of labour in late pregnancy based on estimated fetal age and infant’s size from late trimester scanning.

    AIMS Ireland concludes, “It’s inexcusable that all aspects of scanning have not been included in this inquiry despite the concerns raised by ourselves and others. There has been considerable research done recently in Ireland which highlights rising concerns with scanning procedures. This surely should have been consulted with the inquiry group? We need a full review and regulation with National Guidelines for scanning practice. And we need them now. Until then, women and babies remain at risk. ”
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    AIMSI Media Contact: Krysia Lynch AIMS Ireland 01 660 3499 or 087 754 3751

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