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    hi all,im having my 4th miss at the moment,i have a daughter already with the same partner,i keep loosing these pregnancys at 4 and 5 weeks,im heartbroken,feel like im been kicked,but i need answers as to why its happening,finally im going to get investigated,im so tired and exhausted but i cant give up my dreams,strange thing is eery october for the past 3 yrs ive got pregnant and lost


    so sorry to hear your sad news, its devastating to lose 1 baby but to lose 4, I cannot even imagine how awful that it.

    is your GP helpful? he/she should be helping you & recommending you for tests to see why this is happening. what are they saying to you? what is their plan?

    hope they can get to the bottom of it for you and find out why its happening, so you sort it and hopefully, can go on to have another successful pregnancy.

    keep asking until you get the answers & support you need.

    you could try acupuncture, Napro or IVF treatments to increase your chances.

    hope you get to the bottom of it soon.


    hi sabbi,im very lucky to have a supportive family doctor,im attending a early pregnancy unit at the moment and they are referring me on for further investigations to see whats causing it,its the implantation process is going wrong somewhere,i so need these answers,ive also made an appointment with a private clinic too to see if they can give me more detailed answers,i cant give up my dream of becoming a mother again,i so want my daughter to have siblings 🙁 …. i keep thinking im been punished,i hope that i can get answers


    Sorry to hear about your losses. Sounds like you have had a very tough time. I would also recommend going to get further tests done to find out whatis happening. There must be something you could do to help you get past 4-5 weeks.
    Look after yourself in the meantime and hope you get loads of support. I would also recommend some reflexology or accupuncture to help you get your system back in balance and to help you recover.
    Let us know how you get on x


    i will indeed,i really hope i get answers,if i have to go to a private clinic to get them i will,but they hospital is referring me onto a miscarraige clinic,i feel so lost right now,ive my family and friends support but still feel so alone 🙁


    tryingfor baby2 – sorry to hear you are m’c again
    my friend has 2 children but has had 3 early m’c since, her consultant was very good and has done various tests she is now on week 12 of this pregnancy, she has to inject herself daily and also take tablets but so far please god it seems to have worked.
    Insist on getting tests carried out and hopefully the doctors can help you, best of luck xoxo

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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