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    My sister got the mirena coil fitted about 4 years ago, not for contraception but to ease heavy painful periods. She was trying to find out where and how much it costs to get it replaced but there seems to be a lot of negativity posted online about them and many women saying they’ve developed problems after having it fitted including IBS. Some saying that since they got rid of it, they feel much better.

    Any info at all about the mirena would be appreciated including where to go to get it replaced in case she decides to go that route, and the costs?

    Thanks :wink:


    I think the replacement cost would be the same as a new one?
    Can she go back to the doctor who first put it in?

    I went to Dr Slattery to get it put in, she is in the Boyne Medical Centre and is really lovely.. unfortunately she couldn’t locate it when I went in to have it taken out, so had to go to a specialist in Dublin and he was brilliant and got it removed with no pain.

    I had it in for over 2.5 years… my experience was good apart from weight gain, and since getting it out I realised that I was pretty grumpy when it was in too! Do not feel as bloated around my middle like I was, have only lost a couple of pounds since I had it out but hoping that as I try harder it will come off easier.


    Just started on this site. I had the coil put in for heavy periods due to endometrosis. I had it in for 8 months and bled everyday all day till I had it removed. Depending on how old your sister is and if she wants to have children. I ended up having an ablation that has lessened my flow to a bearable amount. But I think you can have your GP put them in when I got mine it was €120 for the coil but I had it placed during surgery for my endo so I’m not sure if the GP then charges as well.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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