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    So the Mahon report is FINALLY out and its depressing as well as utterly outrageous and annoying!

    The corruption that went on is disgraceful, the way the people we put in charge abused their positions is scandalous. The cheek of Bertie to call it ‘incredulous’ – I’ll say one thing for him, he has a hard neck acting hurt and outraged when he was one of the main players who ruined this country.

    So here are some of my main gripes – ex TD’s and Taoiseag etc. are entitled to one or two pensions, depending on how many positions they held while in government. Bertie Aherne and Brian Cowen for example are both receiving two pensions; one as former TD’s AND second as former Taoiseag – so they are getting hundreds of thousands each year and the tax payer is footing the bill.

    At the same time, we are all being threatened with penalties etc if we do not pay this property tax hoopla.

    Why don’t they just cut their pensions and use that money to pay off Europe and leave us alone for a change.

    Imagine if a normal person resigned or was fired out of a job – would we get a pension?? I think not but these scoundrels are all raking it in and until recently they each had a state car and personal driver too, as well as secretaries etc.

    Its shocking that OUR money is being used to make these criminals comfortable while we are being squeezed for what is left of our hard earned money.

    I am ashamed to be Irish today…. :oops: :oops:


    And remind me again why did Bertie stand down…..oh wasnt it because all the scandals were breaking …so his 2800 pension could pay. for 28 of our household charges. So he’s going to be expelled….who cares he doesnt he still has his pension..drives me m 👿 😡 ad


    still has his 2 pensions and not a worry in the world, apart from missing FF get togethers….scandalous!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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