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    Just wondering if anyone else did the marathon yesterday?? If so, how did you get on?

    I walked it with my mam. Lovely day but so, so so, Hot!!!!!!!! I usually walk every weekend, so didn’t expect it to be any problem but i didn’t anticipate the heat or the amount of people that would be surrounding me. Over 40,000 ladies & of course a few men dress up, whci added to the fun.

    Great day out & a lot of money raised for worthy charites which was brilliant.

    Feel grand today, Thankfully.


    well done edel for doing the marathon beating us lazy bones who didn’t take part….well done….


    Well done Edel! Its always a good day out, I usually do it and missed not doing it this year..


    Yes I was there! It was great. The people were fantastic and the weather was perfect. What a great event for Dublin 😀

    Next year I am determined to run it all!


    well done girls. i do it every year with my mam but she didnt make her mind up on time this year so we missed registration. i was raging. mind you the heat would have killed me.


    fair play girls i usually do it but didn’t this year – kinda glad in the heat would have wrecked me too


    I was there too – ran it

    Saw loads of Drogheda women there – Kelly foundation and the Drogheda Hospice Foundation…was chatting to a few of the Hospice girls in the mighty ques for the loo!

    Well done Edel & Starbright – you did fantastic! 😀
    How are the muscles? Anyone sore??

    Bit stiff here but had a walk yesterday and ran this morning and feel better!

    Gonna start training for next year – determined to smash this year’s time



    I did it for SOSAD was a great day..still a bit sore from it but it really is such a great day out..determined to practice hard next year and jog it.


    How did you do Gismo?


    I walked it in 87 minutes so was very pleased. I have been training since January, and exercised 5 times a week, starting with 30 minutes and working up to 60mintues by March. My husband was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer in January after being in remission for 4 years. At the time it was such a shock. I decided to focus on something that I could do for myself knowing the next 4 to 5 months would be very diffcult. He had a lot of intensive treatment which invloved long stays in hospital. I still had to work fulltime and look after our young daughter. He finished treatment at the end of April and is in recovery. He responded very well to treatment and now we are justhoping this time he remains clear, with each day a bonus. By having the mini marathon to focus on it gave me the strength to deal and cope with everything else that was happening. In the process I became fitter andhealthier and found the exercise a great de-stresser. I also lost 2 and half stone, reduced my bmi from 27.5 to 22.2 and can now fit into a size 10 skinny jeans from top shop. I wanted to run the mini marathon however on the day I had gastroentiritis so walked it instead for the Gary Kelly Cancer suport Centre. It was agreat experience and I am now going to start training to run it properly next year. It is such a great day out and well worth all the effort.


    Thats was great Bunnacurry, well done you on your times, your weight loss and doing the marathon even though you were sick! Sorry to hear about your DH, it must have been a big shock to you, and its great that he is doing well now.


    Wow bunnacurry..that is such an inspirational story. I did it in just over 2 hours so i’m well impressed with you doing it in 87 minutes. After hearing your story i have no excuse not to train for next year and to run it too!! You have been through so much. My thoughts are with you.


    Bunacurry sorry too hear about your dh fingers crossed its all clear now. I was thinking the day I seen you in Scotch Hall that you looked very well, I did see you pushing you buggy on the Dublin Road and you looked great.
    Well done on you time and a huge congrats on the weight loss.

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