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    Hi All

    I may be needing a minder for a two yr old two days a week also collecting and minding a four year old and nine year old after school. I have never used a minder before how much would this cost roughly? Pm me if you know of anyone esp who lives near me (Meadow View) who may be interested.


    Have you considered ringing Louth County Childcare or Meath County Childcare who will have some registered childminders that you may be able to choose. It would depend on the amount of hours that the childminder will be needed for regarding pricing but usually a childminder in the home is very reasonable and very beneficial as they usually only mind small numbers.



    Was going to suggest the same….Louth or Meath County Childcare have a list of minders notified to them…….at least you have a little bit more peace of mind going this way…..you don’t have to go with someone but you have a choice. As for how much to pay……..most good childminders have a rate set and work from there…..its not always about the cheapest but how good a person is with your children and what they do during the time they are with the minder. Good luck and hope you find someone suitable.


    super minder

    shes in meadow view oppsite gravyard. very good and shes very flexible if you need to pop to shops .lol


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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