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    Heading off to see him in action tonight at the Aviva, or as I still call it, Lansdowne Road.

    Is there anywhere decent to grab a bite around there or we would we be better off nipping into city centre for a bite on the way?


    Lucky you! I wanted to go but couldn’t convince hubby or friends to go 🙁 Have fun with yourself anf 50k of your closest friends 😉


    im going tomorrow nite…….does anyone know if there are coaches going from Drogheda?????…..was gonna drive but now thinking it might be nice to have a glass or two of vino up there!!!


    was listening to Adrian Kennedy on the way home tonight and loads on saying how the sound was crap, up in the stands but brilliant if you were on the pitch,




    Oh …….My………God!!!! Amazing, amazing, amazing!!

    It was an incredible gig. He is a fabulous performer, we were on the east lower stand and the sound was brilliant. The Aviva is great, bars, loos etc all plentiful and you can bring a drink into the gig if you want. Had a some chips too and even they were nice!

    We bought some wines to our seats; it was nice that we were not driving and could enjoy a tipple. We got the train and the DART, in and home.

    Bit of a problem getting out after the gig, it was over at 10.25 but it took us until 11.10 to get to the Dart station – even though its right beside the stadium!! We barely made the last train to Drogheda, which left Connolly at 11.20 – we were very lucky to make it.

    For some reason the stewards kept letting people who were going southbound through to the DART station but made all us northsiders wait!! I was not a bit impressed about this, we stood there for 30 mins, not moving an inch, while all the south siders were whisked through!!

    I had to argue with a steward that we would miss our train if he did not let us through and he eventually let us through – no idea why this happened – so if you are getting the train Drogheda direction, make sure to get through and don’t let them fob you off by making you wait. I’d say alot of people missed that train because of that. Tonight there might be a later train as its Saturday? but there is Matthews coaches and the nightlink bus, so a few options for getting in and home.

    Apart from all that, itwas an amazing night. Michale Buble really interacted with the crowd – he is very funny – and there was a lovely atmosphere. The band were fantastic, his singing and dancing was outstanding, he has a truly incredible voice (and he’s not bad to look at either 😆 😆 )

    Its a gig I’ll remember for a long time, it was something special.


    I was at it last night, and had a fab time,and yes totally agree he’s super funny!!

    Matthews Coaches are running,i know they do a pick up in City North, not sure where in Drogheda.


    Sabbi they have to look after the southsiders first 😆 😆 😆 😆

    Heard great reviews about the gig, no faults about Mr Bubbles but loads of people saying the sound in the North stand was terrible!!!!
    Alot of angry people looking for refunds or to be moved, its a pity but it was the first gig


    It was incredulous about the whole north side v’s south side thing. Felt sorry for all the north siders who were stranded there, we were lucky to make that train. First weekend of gigs, guess there will always be a few teething problems.

    Was well worth it though, hes some man 😉


    We were so lucky last night…. we weren’t first in the queue to get home, but we weren’t major far back either…. and we only managed to get to Pearse around the 11.20 mark…. which meant that we had missed the last one back to Drogheda….. IT worked out for us in the end, because we took the train headed for Malahide, thinking that we would at least be closer to home…. and the train driver told us to get out at Connolly and to leg it to platform 4 as they had a train for Dundalk leaving…. we ran like mad things and just made it in time… otherwise we were trying to figure out how to get home…. but transport issues aside…

    What a generous performer….. so giving in his personality, and great showmanship…. really enjoyed his show. And loved his sense of humour.


    I was there Friday night aswell and he was fantastic, we had great seats on the pitch close enough! So no problems with sound!

    We drove up and got parked very easily and out pretty easily too.. we ate in the Mount Herbert Hotel, great deal, 3 course with tea for €25…

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