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    Ok I live with a carpenter/builder/never gets time to finish anything!!!

    Here is a list of the little jobs that are always getting done the weekend but WHAT WEEKEND!!!!! this century??????? :roll:

    Finish glossing staircase
    Finish Tiling in Utility Room
    Finish Putting in Shower Door
    Finish Painting the ceilings
    Finish the backgarden
    Finish putting handles on doors
    Finish putting up shelves that are on floor in rooms the past 2years
    Finish putting up picture that is sitting on shelf on the ground
    Finish Finish FINISH!!

    Just god damn dont start the job in the first place and then tell me ur gonna finish it at the weekend!!!! :twisted: :twisted:

    Anyone else live with a man like this?
    I bought the babys cot and wardrobes and I actually put them together myself cause the child would be 18 before he got around to doing it :roll: :roll: :lol: :lol:


    Happy read this post ot dh and he said your dh is working all day then playing wiht the kids in the evenings and if you want the work done get your finger out and do it yourself 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    I think it hit a nerve with him 🙄 😆 😆 😆 😆


    nope dont live with a man full stop!!! haha

    and when i move ill find myself doing all of them jobs myself (apart from the tiling that is )happy, why not give into your inner diy’ness 🙂


    yep i live with one of them aswell 👿 👿 👿 👿


    Taylor tell your hubby while he is off today to fix that roof and see what he says bet it will be DO IT THE WEEKEND! 😆

    And If I was allowed near toolbox I would but he keeps telling me no its grand I will do it THE WEEKEND!! 🙄 So next weekend im gonna do it all! 😆


    My hubby is like that. I seem to spend all my time reminding him that something has to be done.

    And when he does do something he never cleans up after himself and the tool box could be left out for weeks before he will finally move it. 🙄 🙄


    I thought I was the only one! 😆

    Ive just printed out that list and put it on the fridge door 😆 😆


    happy as you know my hubby works at construction too and i have a permanent list for him to finish – have resigned myself to fact i’ll always be waiting!!!!!!! 😆 😆 my best friends hubby is tiler and she’s the same can never get him to do anything in their house!
    we’re never happy though i have my lovely lean-to but have to keep at him to keep clean now as babs goes out through it to the back and he thinks it’s an extension of his shed instead of the house 😆 😆



    My husbands the same.

    He has all the trades but never uses them at home.

    He was great when we first got house, painted a room in a night, tiled the bathroom in a weekend, put a deck down in a few evenings but the enthusiasm is gone. He doesn’t even see the work that needs to be done. He thinks are house is grand, actually he thinks it is great but it is nearly seven years since we moved in and everthing need to be updated/ repainted etc. The house is grubby. He starts jobs but doesn’t finish them & leaves them so long that he doesn’t notice them anymore & wonders what i’m moaning about.

    Then his excuse is that he doesn’t have time with working & the baby but finds time to train every night, yes i said every night.

    He always says this jobs are little things & will be done in no time, but he never does them.

    I make list but he ignores them. He thinks that they are funny. he actually shows them to people when they visit, he is not embarrassed by them at all, he thinks that i should be embarrassed for writing them!!!

    A few times i have employed people to do the jobs which really annoys him, paying money for things he can do but he gets over it & i am happy because the job is done.

    Sounds like i’m bitching behind his back but we have this disscussion about once a week, so it is nothing that i don’t say regularly to his face.

    If he didn’t make me laugh so much, i would kill him sometimes.


    Edel I could have typed your post, we are in the house the very same atyourself and it all needs to be freshened up but dh doesnt see this….. we have baby on the way in 15weeks and he still hasnt done any of the painting 🙄
    He did buy the paint the other day and left it in the middle of the kitchen, which ds is using as a stool and Im tripping over it every few minutes

    But like you say if you didnt love them so much you’d kill them


    I hear you edel about the training, and finishing everyone elses house! 😆


    aw but girls, they get paid to do other peoples houses 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    happy go and get yourself your own tool box (i have a really cute one from argos, its pink, ur man will never touch it haha)


    Ive seen them they are lovely its just im not too sure how to flaming use them!!!! 😆

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