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    Could you check this out on the Co. Louth thread. Trying to organise regular meets for dads with or without kids in tow



    There are a few dads who go to the parent & baby swim in Bettystown court hotel with their little ones, you could arrange a set time for a bunch of dads to go together, say 11am on a Saturday?


    Good idea.

    Might try that as stage two…. An activity might be good…..

    Stage one up & running (see Co. Louth thread or tune in to LMFM around 11.30 this Fri…..) Was in a rush to get it up & running before baby arrives.


    I’m new to this website but I am desperetly trying to find a local group of Dads’n’kids in the north louth area. My wife has a group or a number of groups she can go to regulerly but there is nothing that I know of for Dads. I am not working much and am at home with our son everyday and I just want to do something different the odd day just to get out of the house and to get something differenct for our son to do other than watch tv all the time.

    If there isn’t a group set up locally can I just announce one and make a meeting point ???



    Hereis the original thread re Dad’s Meetups that pookie2 set up. I don’t know if it’s still running. Maybe pookie2 or one one of the Dads on the thread could let you know?


    Hi Iandromiskin

    I know how you feel! We used to meet up at the M1 Service station on the Dundalk side on a tuesday it was great for kids with play area but havent been in a while as Im now working more.
    If you come along to the Mumstown meet up 1st tuesday of the month in the Laurence Town Ctr you will meet some of the other Dads there and see what they are up to.



    Well, hello, iandromiskin,

    I was on maternity leave until Sept and tried setting up just such a group last year – I get exactly where you are coming from.

    We used to meet up in the M1 applegreen station just outside castlebellingham as it had a free kids play area, plenty of free parking etc.
    Most we ever had was 6 dads & then my baby wasn’t doing so well & I had to leave it to the dads & it kinda fizzled out. Think it ran for a couple of months & we even had guys coming from up Balbriggan direction

    There were some mumblings about it being too far away from town / buses etc, but when I treid to organise free transport I didn’t have one single taker. It would seem that a lot of fellas around dundalk are all talk, no action!!

    It got plenty of publicity in the local papers, on LMFM and on Dundalk FM and even in the Times, but I just couldn’t get an ‘umph’ into the lads around Dundalk.

    1. Contact The guy in charge there could give you a lot of help
    2. Also there is funding available for setting up playgroups etc & if you pm me your address I’ll be happy to post out the books about it to you. best of luck – and if I can be of any help, let me know!
    3. There is another ‘man’ group called Sheds / the Shed or smething like that & I’m pretty sure there is one around dundalk. It might be a good place to make contact with other dads.
    4. Loads of places refuse to put up posters or give out flyers. very frustrating..

    best of luck!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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