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    So today the Minister for Health (who looks less and less healthy himself as the months go by) has said that they may charge 50 euro for a medical card.

    Another worrying idea from our government who want to squeeze the most vulnerable in our society yet again. While I understand the need to charge for certain things, a €50 charge for medical cards will hurt alot of people. Also, is this going to be per card? if so, how can a family with children afford multiple cards.

    I think I should turn off the radio – they are just annoying me more and more every day.


    I have mtv on sick listening to the Radio… 50e wow thats steep, i know my mum gets alot of meds on her medical card, she has to pay 7.50e per month, this is alot for an OAP. I think they are now just coming up with ways to milk the good honest people of Ireland to cover the cost of their bail out the banks cock up

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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