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    to get our meath roads gritted or even ploughed please the more who phone hopefully the more we may be listened to..

    MCC may react to a multitude of requests; tel 046 9097000, fax: 046 9097001 email: Council Emergency Telephone Contact Outside Office Hours: 1890 445 335.

    complain in force please


    I just got these numbers off the LeCheile website, was going to post up here for all the meath mammies… lets get ringing and make sure the Mill Road is gritted
    The Board in Le Cheile said if you ring ask them to grit the coast road, mill road, piltown road


    And Julianstown. The dip around the bridge is so bad.

    Was on the mill road yesterday, so so scary, it was worse than it actually looked.

    Thanks for posting the number.


    This morning, you should have seen the scene at the Star of the Sea church in Mornington…… so many of us got stuck, couldn’t get the cars up the road. We eventually had to go down to the road at the bottom…. slowly making our way the long way around into the village. Ludicrous.
    And it was DH driving… not me…. he has a bit more savvy when it comes to the snow and ice….

    Well, I’ve just sent an email through to them:

    "As a resident in the Bettystown area, I am horrified that the roads within our village go untreated in event of snow and ice. A couple of weeks ago, when the area had a heavy downpour of snow, our local schools had to remain closed, as the roads were treacherous, and a serious danger to parents having to transport their children to school.
    I can understand that not every road can be attended to, but those which are bus routes, which service both commuters and children, should be given priority. The villages are virtually cut off from the rest of the area, as a trip in the car is likened to an excursion onto an ice-rink. I for one, will not be transporting my children to school, as to do so will be taking the lives of my childrenand myself in my hands.

    I would appreciate your attention in this matter."

    As you say, perhaps the more voices, the better… perhaps they will take notice.


    well can report as of 6.25pm a SNOW PLOUGH passed my house…imagine a great big machine that actually exisits passed the coast road…let’s hope it ventures around the whole area…

    keep phoning people….all bettystown, laytown, mornington areas need addressing and need to be heard


    p.s even if you don’t live in dmeath area please keep phoning as people within theses areas need access out SAFELY….

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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