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    We have to start a Meath chat.

    So what are you up to today?

    Myself, not much, dropped dd at bus stop for school.
    And no car today, and it’s going to rain :(

    I might do something boring like tidying the house….

    Talk soon.


    Goodmorning Fabienne!

    I’m looking at this bombsite of a house and I know that I have to tackle it….

    Had a lousy morning….. Had to take DS to school his last year in nursery, and he was brokenhearted that he wasn’t going to have his teacher from last year. Poor little thing didn’t understand that he had to move up a year…. so major trauma….. but I know he would have been fine after I left….
    just wasn’t nice….

    And now the rain…. ah, joys!


    morning ladies, rotton rotton weather – a day inside for us. 😥

    Im though i could escape the clearing up the aftermath of 1-year old birthday party. Fished out cake, sausages, bits of bread from playroom already 😆

    Add to that the piles of washing sorted out on the kitchen floor but nowhere to hang it to dry!!

    Excitment overload here today 😆


    Aaarrrgggggggggghhhhhhhh washing! My tumbledrier has packed in… need a new motor, and my washing machine, even though its a combi wash / dryer takes forever to wash and then dry the clothes… so I feel your pain about finding place to hang the washing!
    My upstairs looks like a laundry at the moment…. with washing hanging off every possible door… etc….
    I think I should just climb back intobed! 🙄

    Mmm… better idea…. I’ve got Ben & Jerry Phish Food in the freezer…… good option! 😉


    yum on the B&J option!!

    Just realising how EASY it was with 1 baby – do you remember afternoon nap time when the baby would SLEEP and you could do anything you wanted?!! Those were the days!



    in the words of Maya Angelou!

    I’ve got the children to tend
    The clothes to mend
    The floor to mop
    The food to shop
    Then the chicken to fry
    The baby to dry
    I got company to feed
    The garden to weed
    I’ve got shirts to press
    The tots to dress
    The cane to be cut
    I gotta clean up this hut
    Then see about the sick
    And the cotton to pick.

    Shine on me, sunshine
    Rain on me, rain
    Fall softly, dewdrops
    And cool my brow again.

    Storm, blow me from here
    With your fiercest wind
    Let me float across the sky
    ‘Til I can rest again.

    Fall gently, snowflakes
    Cover me with white
    Cold icy kisses and
    Let me rest tonight.

    Sun, rain, curving sky
    Mountain, oceans, leaf and stone
    Star shine, moon glow
    You’re all that I can call my own.


    I always put the clothes to dry in my kids bedroom, not the best looking thing but I find it helps (espacially in the winter with heating on) to keep a bit of moisture in the air and then we all have less sore throat.

    I did better than me.

    Couldn’t face the cleaning, went out for tea with my friend, then worked a bit for my french class.
    Now I have to collect dd at bus stop and did nothing in the house.
    Ds was good so, I had a good morning.

    which school is your son going?

    I’ve to go.


    Love the Maya Angelou words… thanks Kate!

    My son is at Hopscotch… and he absolutely loves it there…. (normally)… it was just today when it was back to school, to a different class…. it will get better, I know it will.
    The teachers are so so good with the kids, so once he adjusts, it will improve….

    days with one child…. yeah, I remember those…. now with a nearly 4 year old, and a 2 year old, both of whom are having ear difficulty… (ie… dont’ know how to use them!!!)…. I’m going off my head. But realistically, I wouldn’t change them for the world!


    Kids in bed, DH out playing badminton, house (downstairs) cleaned.
    I had to clean, wanted to move furniture around (again 😆 )

    Job done (doesn’t happen often)

    I’ll make myself a cup of tea.

    And you?


    Felt good this morning when came down, and saw my sitting room clean and tidy 😆

    And waiting at the bus stop this morning, friend told me I lost weight. Not really true but makes you feel good.

    As soon kid number 2 starts playschool, I’ll go back to my diet.
    Then I’ll treat myself with a lovely session of reflexology.

    The lovely person who does it, is better than brilliant, and I always feel really good after, and that feeling last.

    I should go before I start my diet, to feel good and have my batteries loadded with positive energy.

    Talk soon to all of you,



    Hey girls,
    Not really from meath(please dont kick me out!) but just wanted to hijack the conversation for a minute.
    Chewieodie, just saw that you use Hopscotch and just wondering is your ds there long? Was looking at it for my 14 month old and been trying to find someone who had heard anything, good or bad, about it?


    great to see chat fabienne good woman for starting it off……

    ds1 back to school…well montessori loves it even though got i don’t want to go to school today i want to stay home and play….eh no school time….

    went to bagel bar got make over look great now need hair done and body change….lol…..

    getting ready for holidays now… can’t wait but washing machine on overtime washing from wales holiday dryer wasn’t drying clothes and after a week of trying to figure out why everything was still wet after being turned back on 4 times, figured you have to actually empty the big filter…dopey scole…working now thank god….

    so how’s everyone doing?


    i have only heard good things about Hopscotch!

    my day has been all about turning a negative into a positive…ordered some wonderful fairy oracle cards off amazon…found them third of america….but after excitedly awaiting their arrival to start using them…only the guidebook arrived…think the cheeky little fairies were saying hang on a minute u dont think ur getting something for nothing to do u…so have now ordered complete set along with oracle cards..and have a friend in mind who will like reading the book but wont necesarily want the oracle cards themselves…

    as much as i would dearly love another child…sadly it may not come about…but there are many blessings to be said for having one child…hee hee…like coming back from swimming today (thanks so much for invite fabienne) and Ds falling asleep in buggy which left me with some lovely me time…just enjoyed a lovely glass of rose…now Ds has woke up and he may not go to bed til i do tonight but having a singleton child allows for this…

    as for washing…mine stays outside til its dry…..fed up on running to bring it in time & time again!


    hi everyone,
    moonflower, i’m the same with the washing… hung out this morning, they were rained on then the sun shone and when i took them in they were dry!! having no tumble dryer i have no choice… holding off getting one as i think they eat electricity and with the 4 of us i haven’t done too badly till now…
    my babies first day of school today, she is a little on the young side so was little worried.. i posted here when she got the place wondering the pros and cons of a young 4 yr old strarting school – i need not have worried so far! she was so happy to get in there and get settled. i was so happy all was well.. i have a senior inf too, she was happy toget back to her friends and get settled in again… so happy mammy and daddy today. still didn’t get a wink of sleep last night tho!!! don’t post regularly here, still enjoy the read everyday… maybe i’ll post more often now i’ll have more time!!!!!


    look forward to it mum2!

    as for that washing thing…how many actually wash the clothes again when they have been rained on…quite a few mums i have spoken to in past have said oh yes then u have to bring it all in and wash it again…i kept quiet but now being honest & saying…no i dont wash my clothes again if caught out in rain!! they are only worn a day or so & washed again…so whats point!!!

    hope all little ones starting first days at big school settle in well…i ahve another year yet for my DS..big day though!

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