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    I just heard about Courtney Meats in KCR Ind estate so went down last friday and i have to say got great value and prices were very good i got big al chicken fillets they were only €10 for 10 and the kids went mad about them and the steaks were €10 for 5 and so tender but i have to say great value and the have a shop across from the meat part called ellies discount store washing powders and household stuff i mean i got toilet rolls kitchen rolls and alot more for little or nothing have to say i will be doing alot more shopping in KCR from now on [/url][/list]


    ok i am a bit thick where is kcr?


    where is KCR?


    Its in Dublin, Kimmage in Dublin. Its Southside not a million miles from Crumlin hospital (well about 2 😆 😆 😆 but that area)
    Isnt there a meat place on the Ashbourne road thats great value too


    yes its not too far from our ladys hospital the place across the road ellies discount i was there again today and they have just got alot of new stock in got another few bargains today and kids heelies only €5.00 great stocking filler for kids plus bisuits for xmas i think its great anyway then go across and get your meat i got lovely corn beef for €15 just hope it tastes as nice as it looks and a great bargain 25 breaded chicken fillets for €10.00 honest to god check it out


    Sorry but is the meat from ireland, i wouldnt eat meat from anyother country…. just woudl be worrred where the meat is coming from at that price…… do they say its Irish meat


    i have to agree with you as that was the first thing i asked too before i bought anything and they told me 100% irish in all there meats


    I’m getting the feeling that someone has a vested interest in this particular store!


    there is a great butcher on the ashbourne road out of slane all his meat is deffo 100% irish and he has great deals like 10 lb of mince for 15 euro – there is no fat in this mince and i dont have a share in this business i just think the meat there is very reasonable and delish


    well i am on the southside and its near where i live which is in rathfarnham i was just letting people know of a good place for bargains in meat and household goods each to there own but i like there meat what i have got so far and the shop across from it for house hold bargains and as the saying goes dont knock it till ya tried it i tried and liked so far what i have bought in both shops i was there today got a bit of turkey for tomorrows dinner so if ya want i can let u know what its like and that was only €15 too and i got a 5lb bag of mince for 10 euro made a lasangue for dinner today with half of it and the other half i have froze

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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