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    Hi, I’m new here so hello everyone first! :D
    Just wondering if anyone can help me, I’m 36 weeks pregnant with my second child, and had my usual visit with the nurse last week. All through my pregnancy I’ve been told that I’m measuring exactly right for my dates. Until last week when the nurse told me I’m now measuring 2 weeks in advance! Eeekkkk! :shock:
    She did tell me my baby isn’t overly large so it’s not that. I’m not back at the clinic in OLOL until Tuesday but I’ve to tell them what the nurse and doctor said to me to see if they want to scan me.
    Has this happened to anyone else? Feeling quite nervous now that I could go that much earlier :o or that something is wrong.
    If anyone could help I’d much appreciate it :)
    Thanks so much.


    Cherryimpy – Don’t Worry!!!!

    On my first baby I was told my baby was so large I may have to be induced early or may need a c-section if I could not manage the labour. After my GP told me this and I went home terrified, I was in an awful state, with images of an 11lb baby – but guess what, he was 7lb 2ozs!!! I think I was carrying a lot of water and it made me look bigger but he was a normal size, despite my GP’s guesses about his size.

    You may be carrying alot of water at the moment, which would account for the little bit extra growth. Try no to worry too much.

    Then on my second baby towards the end they told me the same thing, that my baby seemed very large. This time I told them to keep their scare mongery opinions to themselves. And guess what – she was only 7lbs and was delivered without the private consultant I had paid to be there because she came so quickly and easily. Went from 3-10cm in 1 hour and she popped out with absolutely no fuss, it was a great birth.

    But if I had listened to them – I would have been worried I was having a very big baby that time too.

    Try not to worry – your body is perfectly designed for your baby and you are perfectly proportioned to give birth to him or her.

    When I hear things like this it drives me nuts, most of the time it ends up they are wrong and saying these things only results in scaring us mums-to-be for no good reason.

    You just put your feet up, rest and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy….you’ll be grand. Let us know how you get on at the hospital. 😀


    Thanks Sabbi!
    You’ve helped me feel a lot better I gotta say! 😀 I’ve generally been quite easy going during this pregnancy just a few hiccups earlier on that had me nervous so hearing that from the nurse really did worry me but it’s such a relief to hear your story!
    Thanks very much for replying and I will post what happens at the hospital on Tues 🙂


    I was told with both of mine that my baby was far to small.
    With the first baby i was told she would probably be under 6lb… she was 6lb 13oz.
    My second i was also told he was tiny and they sent me for an scan to check to see if all was ok.. (I was 6 months pregnant before i found out). I tried to explain to them that im just naturally small and that my first baby didnt show til 6 and a half months gone and i only had a tiny bump. None the less they had me worried for 2 weeks about him. I had the scan ten days before my son was due and they reckon he weighed 6lb 4oz give or take 2oz. He was born 3 days early and weighed a healthy 7lb 8oz. I couldnt believe it, I had to ask the midwife to double check! 😆 😆


    My hospital appointment was yesterday, 2 hours to only be in with the doc for 5 mins! 😡 Couldn’t believe it, was never there that long before for such a short appointment!
    Anyway rant over lol! 😀 I told the doctor there what my nurse had said and he gave me the whole "it’s a big baby" speech 🙄 but after reading these posts and hearing things from other people I’m not listening to him at all!
    Just gonna gowith the flow as much as possible and try to not stress too much for these last few weeks.
    Thanks very much for the advice, helped me feel so much better 😉


    On my last two pregnancies, I was told that the baby will be very big.
    Kept trying to tell them wrong, they belived me when baby arrived at term and both times baby were under 6lbs, not big at all.
    My son was sligly underfed while in the womb, I guess. He made up for it. He ate (breastfed) every 2 hours for 6 full months.

    Yes you right, go with the flow, and enjoy it. Listen to Dr but keep your mind open, they can be wrong.


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