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    Hi all,

    For our monthly Mumstown Drogheda get together at Bagel Bar, Laurence Town Centre next Tuesday 3rd May, we will be helping Barnardos raise a few quid by having a ‘Big Toddle’

    Anyone who was there last year will remember the madness and fun we had with all the ‘toddles’ where we had a race track set up. The kids did it for fun but when it came to the mams, dads and most surprisingly grandparents, they all took it very seriously! :wink: :wink: and it was great craic.

    If you are free next Tuesday morning, please come and support this fantastic event, there will be treats for everyone who can make it including:
    Free parking all day for Mumstown members
    Free nibbles, courtesy of Bagel Bar
    Medals, balloons etc for the babies, toddlers & kids who take part
    Free samples & goodies for everyone.
    …..and lots more

    Hope to see lots of you there, we start at 10am and all parents, babies, toddlers, grandparents, childminders etc most welcome. Please pass it on to anyone you know who might like to attend.

    Thanks! :D


    ah brilliant E1 still talks about last year!!!!!!! and E2 will be well up for it this yr too – better remember to tell dh now!


    Munchin – seem to remember your DH getting in on the action too 😆 😆 The dads took it soooo seriously, it was hilarious!!


    😆 😆 😆 that’s right sabbi 😉


    Thats great, we’ll be there. We have got all the sponsorship but had no group to join! What time does it start?


    We’ll be there, looking forward to it. 😀 😀 😀


    We will be meeting from 10am at the Bagel Bar and the Toddle starts around 11, so anytime between 10-11. Don’t forget to park in the Laurence Town Centre, they give free parking for all Mumstown members on the day.


    Awww I miss the monthly coffee mornings! DS loved the toddle last year!

    Have fun everyone!


    We miss you too Yvonne 😉 – we still have your cookbook for you! Will we pass on to someone for you, or would you like me to post it to you?

    Hope to see lots of mums, dads, babies, toddlers, grandparents etc for the Big Toddle. Its a great laugh and for a brilliant cause too.

    See you all in morning 😀


    Had a dentist appointment so couldnt make it


    Thanks to all the toddlers today, great to see all the little faces running for their medals. So cute!!

    May have made a show of myself when taking part in the ‘mum-to-be’ waddle but good laugh all the same. Thanks for all the donations to Barnardos too…. 😀

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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