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    Hey there… going to a retirement party from work in Dublin fri evening……am just wondering what options are for getting back to Drogheda as I defo wanna have few glasses of vino…..just wondering about Matthews as ive not used them before…….party is in a pub near Jervis st so wonder where they pick up?????….and also where they drop off in Drogheda…..I will be going to Riverbank past St Olivers school on Rathmullen rd????


    I use to get the night rider bus home, it leaves for the bus station in dublin at 12.30am & goes to the bus station in Drogheda. Havent been on it in a couple of years so not sure its still going but maybe google it.


    Mathews come down donore road and up towards North Road, closest point to you would be the bridge and walk up the hill? and you would have to walk up or get off higher up donore road and walk down Rathmullan Road.

    In Dublin its parnell street the terminus.

    Normal bus link would drop of more or less the same.

    Think last mathews is 11.30 ?


    Matthews pick up at the end of O’Connell st, ideal service. have used them many times.


    Thanks guys….think i will give them a go…….i usually drive to and from these things….but this time just decided to go mad and have a few drinks……..prob die a death saturday!!!!! 😀 😀

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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