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    Maternity reflexology is one of the safest, most supportive therapies for pregnant women and is extremely relaxing and calming for the mind, body and of course our very precious baby.

    From the early stages of morning sickness to delivery discomfort, pregnancy can be physically demanding. Reflexology can help with relief of many complaints during pregnancy including;

    ~ Morning sickness
    ~ Nausea and headaches, dizzyness
    ~ Pain & discomfort
    ~ Loss of bladder control
    ~ Backache
    ~ Stress & anxiety
    ~ Lack of sleep & fatigue
    ~ Digestive problems e.g. constipation, heartburn
    ~ Fluid retention
    Help prevent haemorrhoids


    Reflexology can play an important role leading up to the birth. There is documented evidence supporting the fact that expectant mothers who received regular reflexology treatments during their pregnancy experienced significantly shorter labours with less intervention than those who didn’t receive any treatments.

    Post Natal

    Once a baby has arrived, parents’ lives may be thrown into unusual routines, feeding times, lack of sleep, and general exhaustion.

    Reflexology can help to;
    ~ Calm and relax
    ~ Increase energy levels
    ~ Re-balance the body
    ~ Stabilise body weight
    ~ Aid lactation
    ~ Prevent or reduce post-natal depression

    Reflexology can help to make any pregnancy an enjoyable experience.

    Moonflower has personally experienced positive benefits from having treatments during and after her pregnancy which is why she is so pleased to now be able to offer this to other mums to be.

    Please ring or PM "Moonflower" at any stage from 12 wks onwards 087 77 32672

    Mumstown members receive a special price of 30 euro per treatment & this is one of lowest pricest in our area…not a reflection on the care she gives you or your baby….But a true love of what she does!!

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