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    Sorry folks but have to say, as I sat down last night to have a lovey cup of "Lyons" tea and watch the Arsenal match. I couldn’t help but think, they are improving all of the time.
    One touch football was great, I know I am biased but I do believe they play some of the best football around.
    Been an Arsenal fan now since 1987 and while they were solid back then they weren’t much to look at.
    Since Arsene has got involved though his thoughts on football have changed the team for the better. Think those who aren’t fans must enjoy watching them.

    I know I have been giving Liverpool a hard timne recently – but the thought of all four English teams not getting through to the next round is a bit of a dissastor.


    I’m sorry I find watching Arsenal matches a tedious experience, the over passing wrecks my head, how many times do they find themselves in a position to shoot only to pass, and you think ok he’ll shoot but no, another pass, another pass and then the balls trickles out of play.
    Fair enough they scored a few last night and sometimes put the lesser teams to the sword but put them against a decent team and invariably their second best.
    Take the United game at OT, all Arsenal, could’ve & should’ve been 2 up, the usual soft underbelly of the team kicked in and Utd have a handy 3 points without doing a thing.
    When was the last time Arsenal deservedly beat a top team? Even Liverpool as shambolic as we are, made a mockery of United, did the double over both Utd & Chelski last year, I think Arsenal will always be the bridesmaid, never quiet getting there.


    Sorry to admit this, but unless there potential gets them somewhere this year you may just be right.
    Maybe we need a tough tackilg Viera who we have missed who can grab the game by the ball’s excuse the pun.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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