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    hi all,

    So glad to be back online after being without my precious laptop for so long( Long story and learned the hard way how NOT to spill tea on a laptop!)

    Anyway, while getting the Christmas things out of the attic, I found a massage cushion I haven’t used in ages. It’s one that sits on a chair and you use a remote control to control the speed of it. Balls roll up and down your back at different speeds. It is used but still in the box. open to offers.

    Thanks, chat soon, beamam


    How much are you looking for this, my dad wants one for Xmas ( Massage Cushion)

    Is it like the black cover thing that straps to a chair?

    Have no idea what they cost…


    Hi happymumblemum,

    Yep, it’s the one that straps on. There’s one on display in Hickeys chemist beside the prescription counter. Bought it for 150 so selling for 70.


    hi bramum

    what price are you looking for on the dslite?
    t :mrgreen:


    Ii was thinking of 80 for it trudy. Just going by half what was paid for it and that it has brain training too. it has the pen thingy and charger.

    Let me know if that’s any good to you anyway


    Sorry all, the ds is actually white. It’s been that long since I looked at it I thought it was silver!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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