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    Just to let all parnets know that M&S are selling all the school wear range buy 3 get cheapest one free. Dont think it applies to the full range, but includes trousers/shirts/skirts/t-sheets. Cheapest in town. Got a pair of bous trousers €5.50, they are €11 in Adams.


    My sister has gotten her kids school stuff in marks over the past two years, it works out much cheaper and they wash well. I nearly died when I seen the school uniform display in Marks on Tuesday, the poor kids havent even got their holidays yet 🙄
    You really have to be on the ball dont you!


    they are in dunnes for ages already! i got pants on sale last year haha so only have to get shirts and new jumper (usually get from mohter and baby shop) as it washed really well, no bobbles or anything on it! dunnes shirts and pants are great, barely have to iron them and they wash really well also!
    roll on next week till i see the damage of a 2nd class booklist, but i find a godsend, delivered straight to your door, covered or not , saves the hassle of major q’s in the wise owl!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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