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    This is another debut, this time for young Irish author Caroline Finnerty. Caroline entered the Poolbeg write a bestseller competition with this book and while she didn’t win, the publishers were so impressed they offered her a publishing contract, now the Kildare mum of three is working on her second novel. Caroline pulls off a rather daring narrative trick in the structure of this novel because she begins by introducing the main characters after the terrible moment of the title takes place. Adam and Emma are a young married couple nursing awful grief and pain which is driving them apart. Adam is plagued by nightmares and Emma is avoiding her home and her husband. Their close friend Zoe knows that the situation is getting desperate. In the second part of the novel we meet Jean and we learn of her struggle to raise three children alone and the violent behaviour that her eldest son is now displaying. Finally the moment which brought the characters together is revealed. I can’t say much more without spoiling the story. If you are fan of Marian Keyes or Ciara Geraghty then you will enjoy this heartfelt and page turning novel. I am delighted that Poolbeg are publishing such daring and different books. In a Moment is available in bookshops nationwide.
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