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    Mantenatal Class – Antenatal Class for Dads at the Cross Bar Stabannon

    * Learn about labour tools instead of feeling like one!
    * The more you know, the better at it you’ll be.
    * Get a free pass to the pub in the name of childbirth
    * Score valuable points with your partner!

    Why the pub?

    Because it provides a relaxed atmosphere where you can have a chat and actually learn something about childbirth that’s positive, practical and useful.

    Think of our MANTENATAL class as a car maintenance class. It’s a pregnant woman maintenance class…. That’s it. It’s not all sitting cross-legged on the floor playing breathing games and watching dodgy birth videos. It’s packed with lots of solid practical information for new Dads.

    MANTENATAL is perfect for first time fathers who don’t know what they’re in for as well as those going back for a second or third round who weren’t well prepared the first time. It’s ideal for expectant dads who have soldiered through the hospital antenatal classes, bored to death but have come out the other end with little practical understanding of what their job at the birth and for those who don’t have time to do weeks of antenatal classes.

    What should you never say to a woman in labour. How you can actively help with pain relief in childbirth? How do you facilitate for your partner if things get weird with your midwife? Why you shouldn’t be texting your mother/mates/bookmaker while you’re on the job? What you can do to make childbirth faster and easier for your partner?

    Labour: – Building Your MANTENATAL Toolkit

    Mums job is to be in labour – and your job is everything else. If you’re going to be there, it’s best if you’re not standing around like a spare part. If you understand what’s actually happening, you’ll both feel a lot better about it. There’s lots of evidence that a woman in labour gets through it more easily and quicker if she is well supported by her birth partner. You’ll learn about what you can do in each stage of labour, how you can help her relax and how to navigate the Irish maternity system.

    Baby’s Home – Now What!

    It turns out they DO come with a manual! The early weeks can be really exciting and really scary all at the same time. What can you do to help make the transition to parenthood easier. Dads hormonal changes (and you thought being hormonal was just for the ladies!!) We’ll discuss important new research findings in areas such as babies and their love for football! Due to an infant’s poor vision in the critical first weeks, a big screen TV is considered essential to a baby’s optimum development. Caution: New mums tend to be sceptical about this important research!

    All this and more is covered in this fast-paced info session where the atmosphere is informal and conversational. You will meet other Dads in the same boat as you and ask the questions you couldn’t ask at the hospital class.

    After your first two hour ‘session’ with Tracy you’ll rejoin your partners for session II at the Yoga Fox Studio and we’ll discuss birth plans, baby plans and tips for making this the most exciting time of your life!

    4 Hour workshop – €100 per couple

    October 11 (11 – 3pm)

    November 15 (11 – 3pm)

    To register contact Miriam Fox at 041 686 1738

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