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    I’m at that stage now where I need the kids to be back at school and I need to get back out to work….cannot take any more

    ‘Mammy, I’m hungry I want something to eat (this usually comes 5 mins after breakfast, lunch & dinner!)

    ‘Mammy I’m wet from the snow can I have a hot chocolate (if I make one more hot chocolate I’ll scream, a week ago it was cute, now, having burnt myself on scalding milk and run out of marshmallows its annoying!)

    ‘Mammy, I’m cold, I want a bath’ (We can only defrost our children so many times, why they insist on getting soaked through after only a few mins in the snow is no longer a photo taking opportunity!, its running up our gas bill from heating water, we’ve switched to showering them we are so dreading that bill in January)

    There is only so much a mammy can take from 3 kids who have been off school for a week. I love them but…..we all have our limits :roll:

    And if I start to feel guilty about this thread, I know they’ll be off for 2 weeks at Christmas :lol: :lol:


    So relieved. Not just me. 😆

    Have been delivering my two boys to creche with steely determination – a couple of hours late – every day. They’d wreck our wee terraced house if I kept them in for two weeks & I can’t really let them out in the snow as hubby away & have dodgy hip & big baby bump. As it stands strips of wallpaper are hanging off walls in several rooms…

    I love them to bits – in moderation 😆 Anyone else on same wavelength – or am I just a bad, bad mammy??


    Girls we are all human –
    My two are due back to School Tomorrow – And i’m due back Thursday

    We love them …. But we need space – its all right


    oh thank god 😆 im delighted its not just me cant take anymore of the "why"question or i want , im hearing myself saying nooooooooo in my sleep at this stage , my neighbours must think they are living nextto a mad woman!! School open tomorrow and they will be there with bells on!!


    Libby how do you do it with kids at home and hubby on nights? I have a 5 and 2 year old and hubby in bed… my plan was go out and build a snow man but no they didnt want to go out into the snow 🙄 🙄 🙄
    Will have to invest in ear plugs for dh 😆 😆 😆


    Oh, the house is so quiet!!!! They are all gone to school….it feels kinda weird!!

    Will get lots done and have some hot choc ready for them when they get home, should put us all in better form to have a little break away from each other today – and it will discourage them from writing so many Santa lists, they wrote so many in the past week when they were at home! 😉


    My 3 girls have been off all last week, and will be off ’till Friday at the earliest this week!

    My youngest is 5 and they are all well able to do some chores… so today begins ‘The Christmas Clean’ where all the otherwise ignored nooks, crannies and ledges get cleaned! And I’ll reward them with Hot Chocolate later:)


    Enjoying the rest this a.m too..the snow novelty had certainly worn off.

    I was starting to feel quite run down with working all these late nights, tough drives home then having dd around all morning and afternoon till it was time to work again 🙄

    was soooo wrecked yesterday and just wanted to lay on the sofa and watch telly all day, but the bloody school closed again….open though today yippee!!!

    Same as dh’s work place been shut..we need to work and go to school in order to appreciate the xmas hols..if it all runs into one it won’t feel the same 😆


    2 of mine were due back to creche this morning after a week off but the car that picks them up couldn’t get into out estate….the eldest is back tomorrow and even if i have to dig the whole way to school she’ll be there, i thought my house looked bad before but now it really is a kip…..i thought i was the only one who felt like that…its not even 12 noon and i’m ready to scream, might walk down town or something…ON MY OWN 🙄


    at last minute this morning decided to take dd1 to creche (it’s near where i work) well i haven’t seen her move so fast in the last week she was dressed with no arguments in minutes!!!!!!! and practically sang the whole way there!!!!!!! and daddy and dd2 are happy to have some peace too 😆 😆


    and its not only the younger ones 😆 was still very bad outside our house yesterday and roads icy so decided keep them off one more day until the big thaw set in. However, I hear some commotion and there was the 15yr old banging and clanging her way out the front door….didnt even know she was going? Never saw her so eager to get to school, despite the weather. However, was a different story that evening…. 😆 😆 got a phone call ‘Mam, I’m across the road, tried everything but cant walk on the ice’ The bus left them off but she literally couldnt cross the road…had to go, hold her hand and bring her home….aaahhhhh.


    😆 😆 😆 😆

    But are not the same 😯 , or I am the only one, I still call my mum when I could deal with things but want my mummy to do it for or with me?

    I’m going to spend a week with my parents at christmas. And I call my mum everyday to let her know what I want for diners when I’ll be there. And she prefers to know in advance, because we’re french and because she doesn’t want to have at the last minute " why did you not have …..".



    I am like that Fabienne….I depend on my mum alot but I guess the thing is, we don’t live with our mums and have not been snowed in with them, so its not so bad! 😆 😆


    My kids went back today after two weeks off. If this rumoured bad weather thats due this week comes, and the schools close, then I’m due a little mental breakdown:)


    If they close for more than 10 days they have to make up the time in the summer. I reckon they won’t want to do that. DD1 has lost 7 days and in Secondary School they can’t risk having to be open during Exams. DD2 in playschool has missed 8 which was very frustrating because we only live across the road and she missed her friends so much.

    But today it was so good to be back to a routine and all the Mums were smiling dropping them off, lol.

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