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    Looking for a few recommendations.

    I am living in Dublin for 3 months and since I’ve arrived I have had these dry patches on my eyelids and on the sides of my nose.
    Today I finally went to the dr. for an eye infection and he confirmed that those patches that flare up is eczema, he gave me some cream to help it when it does flare.
    I have never had it before so i don’t know what is up but anyway, I’m going to chuck out all of my make-up and try to find some mineral, organic, all natural make-up to replace it.

    If I was home in Canada I would go right out and buy a brand called Physicans Formula, it isn’t sold in Ireland so I’m hoping someone has some experience and can give me a few recommendations for products I can buy once my face goes back to normal! 😆



    Let us know what you think of the Elave facial cleanser, this is one of my favourite skin care products now. I use it at night on a warm, wet facecloth and its like a mini facial. so nice!!


    Hi Puddle Jumpers,

    I would recommend you switch to Elave skin care products, ( these are Irish made, available in pharmacies throughout the country and are not expensive. They are soft, safe, free from harmful chemicals and endorsed by the Irish Eczema society.

    Their facial cleanser, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, moisturiser and body oil are all excellent and ideal for someone with dry or patchy skin. They last a good while too, so make good value for money. (You can click on their advert on the left here to read more about them)

    For make up, I would recommend the Fuschia brand. This is organic, Irish made and multi-award winning. Their mineral foundation is excellent. It gives good coverage, allows skin to breath and has a built in SPF 15. You can shop online for Fuschia, or go to their flagship store in Drogheda or get it from salons across the country (there is a full list of where it is available on their website

    They also have a make-up school where they run classes weekly about how to apply make up and which products suit each persons skin type and tone. I have sensitive skin and I attended a day long make up class with them and found it excellent. Worth checking out – you could even give the girls at the store a call and explain about your skin and they can give advice over the phone too.

    Hope that helps. Best of luck.


    Thanks so much! I will look into those 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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