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    Make a fashion statement for Fair Trade Fortnight with your ‘Big Swap’
    For this year’s Fair trade fortnight, 22 February to 7 March, people are being asked to make the ‘Big Swap’ and exchange their usual stuff for fair trade stuff. That means swapping your usual bananas, wine, clothing and jewellery for fair trade bananas, wine, clothing and jewellery.

    Fashionistas will find it easier than ever to make the ‘Big Swap’ with the launch of Ireland’s new online fair trade retailer; Fair Eire. Beautiful and unusual scarves, bags, hats, jewellery and much more has been sourced from fair trade producers in Nepal, Swaziland, Chile and beyond. Fair Eire’s fair trade producers make their goods using ancient craft techniques without using harmful azo dyes so they are eco-friendly too.
    Alexandra Barnett, Fair Eire’s Buyer, gives a few great reasons why buying fair trade fashions is a smart move. “Our Fair trade fashions are hand made or hand finished not mass produced, so your buying a unique piece every time. This means you can wear it out on the town in the knowledge no one else is going to be stood next to you in the same thing.

    “With recession still key in our minds, the cost of our goods is another great reason to be buying fair trade. At Fair Eire our aim is to provide people across Ireland with fair trade goods at great prices not over inflate them because they are fair trade, which does happen. We compare our prices against major high street shops weekly and we know we price match or beat them nine times out of ten – so fair trade fashions are a brilliant buy for the smart recessionistas out there.
    “Finally, every time you wear your fair trade piece you can go out feeling confident that your purchase made a difference to the people who produced it and their families. Fair trade retailers pay up to four times more for goods, meaning the producer gets a fair wage to support their family and community. With fair trade everyone wins!â€

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