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    just watching a programme, about women who meet western men via internet or even through social meeting organised trips….there,s men looking for wives in the space of 6 days…..some women that are at the socials saying that there are plenty of men in their countries but not the right ones……and majority of them are graduates well educated and not stupid….

    one lovely story was about an english guy who met a girl through mail order bride site she’s in Siberia, they met twice and spent 8 days together they are besotted by eachother it’s a lovely touching story….this is his 3rd marraige and hopes it’s his last

    there’s another couple that met, she’s Russian he’s english but she’s not happy living away from her family and wants to go home, to me he seems like a pig and he’s much older than her he drinks all day she stays at home alone, it’s sad…..she was asked does she love she said she loves him but in a different way, he loves loves her……but she just wants to go home…..there’s an american guy who wants to find a wife and so far he’s been scammed and met the wrong women, he’s 52 and wants a nice faithful, caring and loving wife he met a girl at a social sat with her for awhile and said he was ready to marry her, until she got a better offer…..i feel sorry for him because he’s so desperate…..

    there are plenty of women and men who’ve met through the internet etc perhaps strange to many but many have wonderful relationships compared to many who have met in other ways….

    i know a few people who met on the internet and a few of them have married since and have better relationships than some people i know that met and married……interesting to see what others opinions were without offending anyone….


    Seen this proramme before.
    The man who went abroad to find a wife in 5 days was just mad in the head!!!! women dancing in a disco in the hope that one of these men would take them away from their lives, patheitc!!!

    the russian one, god if i were her i would of taken one look at the place and legged it!!!

    I htink people can find love on the net, but really when it comes to west meets east its a bit unrealistic what with the language barrier etc etc.


    I found my dh on the internet,…… he was in the lost and found section 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    I dont think there is anything wrong with it, if two people meet and have an online realationship over time and fall in love thats fine, dont like the idea of someone walking into a club to a complete stranger and saying will you marry me.
    I also hate reading out woman having relationships and marring prisoners on Death row in the US…. why would you fall in love and marry a serial killer? 🙄


    Cos some women are really really weird!!!!!!!!

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