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    Looking for a magician for children’s party – anyone got any recommendations for someone who does it in East Meath area?



    Check out Silly Sally through Google. Heard she is great. Has many different characters so you should find one that suits. :mrgreen:


    Martin the Magician – he is excellent – had him for ds party. My friend had him for dd party. I copied the following details from his website.
    Web Site:
    Mobile: 086 3811288
    Landline: 041 9839594


    I would use Martin the Magican – cann’t recommend him enough… He is brillant

    Best of Luck


    Hmmm….slightly conflicted now.

    Spoke with a local Magician and told me that he normally charges 130 euro (which in fairness, is alot of money) but on Communion days he charges 150 euro, because he says its more work on those days as he has multiple bookings.

    Now, if there are multiple bookings, surely it should be cheaper or at the very least, the same price?? He will be making a fortune on those days with 2-3 different houses to go to so why charge more just because its a Communion??

    This is the problem with Communions in Ireland, people think its the perfect excuse to up their prices. Turned off him that he is charging extra just because of that.

    Maybe I’ll learn a few magic tricks and do it myself ❗ ❗


    that would put me off too Sabbi
    I looked into entertainers for DD’s last party and yep they all worked out around that cost alright


    why charge more? and worse, why tell me he charges more that day, it just annoyed me and made me not want to book him. he has lost a booking and any possible recommendations from me for that!!


    What about genie makers she’s a genie very good with kids does karaoke and all saw her before at a fair she was fab


    I thought the prices would come down this year.

    Thats shocking prices, a bouncy castle is cheaper and more fun.., but can be so dangerous….


    I got Martin too for DS party and found him to be excellent. He arrives when kids taking their coats off and keeps them entertained until you put the food on the table, kids have cake and they are away off home. No big planning on mums part. I found him great with the kids. My ds wanted him again this year but i decided on a play centre party, not much in the price difference really, I know martin was 130 but sure the kids party taking into account that you have to have min of 10 kids was more costly than Martin. I think we back to Martin next year again.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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