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    Anyone know of a magician, boys birthday soon, have organised a castle etc, but an thinking of the Irish Weather. We boys say a magician while we were on hols and loved it. Anyone any recommendations?


    a friend of mine got a guy called rondo he was from dublin, funny both for the kids and parents think he was dear though, will ask her when she gets home from holidays, but some of the jokes funny and he says things wrong and the kids corect him and they had a ball…..he said he did balloon modelling too, will find out will be next week that too late?



    KaBoom – advertised on here have a magician. They do a 50min show approx and cost between €250-€270 (according to their email)

    I emailed them: and they got back to me quickly. I called all of the ones advertised on here and most were booked already so I’d book asap!

    Good luck


    OMG €250 thats mental, think i’ll stick to the castle. I was the same last year, panicing about the weather but the boys had a ball.
    Have ordered a pinata aswell and am thinking having the kids make some cakes or something. Doing some research on party games aswell.


    Yeah, I was looking for clowns and they were all around that price too. Just waiting to hear back from the one Yvonne recommended (well, I got a message from her but haven’t spoken to her). I’m thinking for that price I can do my own games or get in the babysitter that I pay 10 an hour too and offer to x4/5 her usual rate if she plays some games!!


    Here is the list of games I have so far:
    Musical Chairs
    Musical Statues
    Balloon Catchers
    Pin the Tail on the Donkey
    Hot Potato
    Egg and spoon race
    Three legged race
    Broken Telephone
    Red Rover
    Duck Duck Goose
    Birthday Hats
    Cake Building Contest
    Balloon Race
    Pass the Parcel
    Chocolate game
    Egg & spoon

    I have most of the rules on another PC so if you are looking for any of them let me know and I can copy & paste when I am at that machine.

    There are some on this site too … egory_id=3

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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