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    Last night was out to dinner with my hubby. It was our first time out together without the kids since December. Booked ourselves in to Easties before heading to a comedy show. Had a lovely night planned and then, in the middle of my yummy smoked haddock dinner, burst out crying – in the middle of the restaurant :oops:

    My hubby, used to having an emotional wife (having been through 3 pregnancies with me already) was cool as a cucumber as he tried to make me laugh and distract me from the crying I was doing. Thankfully, he managed to get me to laugh and stop crying before I started howling and really made a show of myself!

    Why do we get like this I wonder? I was so determined to be cool on this pregnancy and have been doing great so far but last night just felt very upset about not seeing my sister since last August, as she lives abroad and while thinking about it, just started crying. Oh the mortification of it all….

    Anyone else done anything like this when pregnant – could do with knowing I’m not the only one acting loopy when preggers!!


    You are allowed being pregnant to cry at Dinner….

    I cried more in the months after, anything sad would set me off.

    I bet people thought Dave was being mean to you 😆 we have to try and see the funny side… other diners might have come over and gave out to Dave for making a preg woman cry 😆 😆


    we don’t call him evil admin for nothing!!! 😆 😆


    I know how you feel Sabbi! I was at a breastfeeding training course at the weekend. Last month at the introductory day, I was a sobbing mess, quivering lips in all, in front of 17 strangers when I was describing what brought me to do the course. Not my brightest moment!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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