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    you know it’s that time again we’re filling lunchboxes and you end up putting the same old same old in, my ds has been bringing snack to montessori the last few days and everyday the same

    tuc snack crakers
    mini crossaint same size as your thumb
    frutapura squidgy
    custard pot

    i know seems like alot but they get 2 breaks and incase he’s starving as he tells me he is but i’m afraid he’ll get a little bored

    so thought would be an idea to see what others would put in lunchbox that also promotes healthy eating….


    Dd likes toasted sandwich, even cold. It’s always our treat when we go to the zoo.
    In it you can put so many different things from cheese, tomatos, ham, hotdog, boiled egg.
    And as a treat, when eaten hot : banana + nutella 😀

    I made rice pudding, a small portion with spoon and it’s healthy (no cream and very little sugar), it’s fulfilling and easy and different.

    But I also struggle to make an healthy and appealing lunch box.
    With me is squash in the water only on fridays.
    Will not work with ds… 😥



    Cheese strings
    tesco have littlebags of fruit bites and yogurt covered raisins
    Cucumber slices
    Carrot sticks
    Blueberries (All in a little tubberware thingy)
    Tuc biscuit snacks
    Rice cakes
    pasta (from night before with tomoto sauce, Again i just put them into a little round tubberware box and a little fork)
    Goodies do a range of cereal bars they are in the baby section but my dd loves them.
    Rice crispies cereal bars
    Popcorn (in a tubberware box) Not allowed any packaging in dd school hence the slight obsession with tubberware.
    Love heart sambos with the crusts off of course!! The Dp gets them too

    😆 😆 😆


    you’ll put is all to shame happymammy….with the love heart sandwhiches have thomas train cookie cutters might make some when we get back…


    On the topic of boredom, i felt the same when ds started school, same ol same old food in lunch box BUT the food i gave him, he liked (sambo/tuc, babybel/cheesestring, frube, cereal bar/biscuit,fruit)

    half of it always came home as they have a limited amount of time to eat before they go out to play.

    Also when i was in school it was ALWAYS the same lunch…tuna sambo, apple, bar and drink. Did me no harm at all.

    This year he has asked me to get him a flask so he can take soup into school 🙂


    My boys have the same lunches every day….
    Sambo with ham or chicken
    Cheese String

    Sambo with chicken/turkey
    Cereal bar

    Sometimes DS1 likes tuc biscuits or plain biscuits instead of the cereal bar.


    What is sambo?


    Sambo = Sandwich in our boggerland! lol!!


    Her school are very strict on what they are allowed to have for lunch, frubes and anything that has packaging is not allowed. Also very strict on high sugar foods. I am myself but the yogurt raisins etc etc are not sugary. However they are allowed petite filous.


    good thinking Scole…was going to ask same myself…my ds is still very fussy & like me not a meat eater so his poor little lunch consists of a creamcheese sandwich and fruit…occasaionally he gets a honey sandwich…didnt think of putting a frube in…

    he would eat cold cooked carrot sticks but not uncooked ones..

    glad others have same problem…keep suggestions coming…..


    very strict on high sugar foods but are allowed petit filous now that is hilarious 😆 😆


    The boys are the same, Healthy eating policy, no cereal bars allowed no frubes because of the mess opening them.

    My two love nutella, but not allowed in School. They wont eat ham or cheese in sambos even though they will eat them in creche. So its a jam sambl each, packet of raisins and youghort. They usually come home with something not eaten


    I gave Actimel, sambo, raisins and a smoothie…. the next day the same but it was tuc rather then sambo….. the teacher called me yesterday and said it was too much as they provide juice and snacktime food.
    She said to cut it down as it was taking too long for them to eat, so he got half a sambo, Fruitpura and Raisins today, he told me he ate his raisins in the garden as he was eating too slow 🙄 😆 😆 😆
    He doesnt have to eat it as he gets his lunch when he gets home at 12 its really only a social thing


    Ya hilarious


    My children take Ham Sandwiches -/ Plain Biscuits with Butter / Tuc Crackers / Crackers and Jam

    They like plain fairy Cakes – ones with icing.

    I find it difficult for them to eat fruit

    So i found Fruits Strings – so far they have had them for last 4 days.. Got them in Tesco

    My ds 10 – brings lunch home with him each day doesn’t get time to finish it…

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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