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    Hi Tracey,

    I have been told that my placenta is low lying and that I wll have another scan at 34 weeks. Can you give me a bit of information about this, the lady doing the scan said it was nothing really to worry about but I’d really like to know more.
    Thanks a mill


    I had this too, but it should move..I really wouldnt worry about it and start reading stuff, ..see how it is at your next scan 😀


    hi i’m 20weeks and i have it too. apparently its common for the placenta to start out lying low but most move up as pregnancy progresses. I too will be scanned again around 34weeks to check.
    Was with doc this morning and she did mention not to be worried and that if it doesn’t move she would do a section.


    Hi JMum

    Most of the time it’s not an issue.

    As the lower part of the uterus grows the placenta is moved away from the cervix (the placenta itself doesn’t move 😉

    If you have any concerns do give the hospital a ring.

    Chances are everything will be fine at your next scan !

    Best of luck



    All above true. same thing with my second. Sweated in fear of C-section until scan at 36 weeks, but everything had moved and was just bas it should be! Whew!


    i had this too and was really worry.i read so much about it at the time some time that can make you feel worse .but everything worked out great at my 34 week scan .its very common and it can move back up ,for me it move just a lil bit and that was enough to make things ok . now iv a lovely lil 2 year old boy . 😀

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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