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    Proper butter

    Proper milk

    Proper sugar..

    Proper order :lol:


    I used to always pick up low fat products such as yoghurts, butter substitutes, fizzy drinks etc Basically, if I saw ‘low fat’ on it, I thought it was better for me.

    But I have been learning that actually, low fat is not all its cracked up to be. When the fat is taken out of a product it is often replaced with sugar and it becomes worse for you than the full fat one.

    Apparently we need good fats like full fat yoghurts, nuts and things like that to make our bodies burn fat so next time you are thinking of going for a chemically altered version of butter or something like that, go for the full fat one instead.

    Nutritionists swear that the full fat is better for you.

    I am learning so much on this Labfitness metabolic diet about choosing the right foods – highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to be healthier.


    Kerrygold all the way here now! My Grandad always swore that real butter and real milk were the best for you and he lived a fabulous life so reckon he was right all along.


    yes after talking to Laura i swapped anything light or low fat for the full fat stuff


    im starting to come around to this way of thinking. my stomach got really bad last year. i have reflux anyway but doc reckoned it was the diet 7up and low fat yoghurts that didnt help. i think he was right. the aspartame artificial sweetener can have bad effects on you. glenisk do a nice range of lower fat yoghurts but they dont have any sweeteners in them. i have these now. also we had a dentist give a talk in the school a few months ago and she said it is better if you are going to give kids diluted juice they are better getting a SMALLamount of the full sugar one then the no added sugar as at least you know whats in it!! i find ithard when 2plus stone to lose to not go for the lower fat products!!ah well will get there eventually


    any low fat product is just pure chemicals!!! your body was not designed to break down chemicals..so when you consume them on a daily basis, forget about shifting fat… it just wont happen.



    I was watching a tv programme about diets…. for anyone who drinks Low Fat Milk or Skimmed Milk might have an interest in this, These milks are a naturally watery blue colour, so the milk produces add the same chemical used in White Emulsion paint!!!! 😯 😯 😯


    Eurgh yuk!!!!

    Full fat all the way here now!! And I have to say, my digestion has changed dramatically since I started the ME diet. I might even be brave enough to post some pics when I’m done. Just maybe…. 😳 😳


    Yuck – I just recently switched to low fat supermilk – having always had full fat milk and butter in the house. Shall be switching back!!

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