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    A lovely guy from Cork mailed me today to tell me that he had some lovely photos of me from my wedding!!!

    He had been having a picnic beside the lake on the day we got married in Gougane Barra and had just started taking a few photos as he saw me walking over the causeway over to the church with my dad !!

    He was a professional photographer would you believe!

    He contacted the hotel and they put the dates together and the hotel there contacted me to pass on his details..I am receiving the photos by mail tonight!

    I thought it was a very thoughtfull thing to do!!

    All I need to do now is find the Japanese tourist who took my photo by the sign for Gougane Barra National Park!!!

    If any of you know Gouagne you might be interested to see this recent video..

    Shame I wasn’t married there in WInter we could have skated across !! :lol:

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